What is Zantrex Black?Zantrex black review

Zantrex black is one of the weight loss supplements in the market which promises to all its consumers an accelerated and a prompt weight loss regime. By the timely consumption of this supplement, customers can visibly feel a considerable loss in their weight in a very short span of time. In addition to that, the supplement aims to provide potency and increase the energy levels of the body.

Company Behind Zantrex Black

This weight loss supplement is being launched in the market by Zantrex, which aims to ensure that customer lose weight in a short period of time, without compromising on their energy levels or strength.

Zantrex Black Claims

Aiming to be one of the strong players in the health supplement market, Zantrex claims that:-

  1. Usage of proprietary ingredients which aims to provide quick weight loss
  2. Reduce the level of appetite and prevent emotional eating
  3. Maintain energy levels

Zantrex Black Ingredients

Zantrex Black claims to have imbibed a formula for which they have proprietary rights. However, they have maintained complete transparency in the ingredients and their dosages. The ingredients include:-

  1. Protein (0.5 gram), Niacin (30 mg)
  2. The Zantrex proprietary blend – which is primarily composed of Guarana extract, Yerba mate extract, Kola extract, black pepper extract, cacao extract, black tea extract and other useful extracts

How Does Zantrex Black Work?

Customers availing the Zantrex black are recommended to have 2 liquid filled soft gels, 15 minutes prior to each meal. These capsules can be taken along with a glass of water. In case, users want to have a significantly high energy boost, they can take a couple of more capsules at proper intervals. However, users are not recommended to have more than 4 capsules in a day.

Zantrex Black Pros

Similar to all health supplements promising weight losses, Zantrex black provides instant weight loss to its customers. Apart from that, the other pros of the supplement are mentioned below:-

  • Suppress the appetite of consumers without compromising on their energy levels and strength
  • Proprietary blend of ingredients with complete information on the concentration levels

Zantrex Black Cons

It is extremely difficult to find a health supplement without any cons. Although Zantrex black offers best in class results to customers, there are a few flip sides as well:-

  • There has been complaints on reducing energy levels of customers on the intake of this supplement
  • The leaf extracts may cause side effects to certain consumers

Where to Buy Zantrex Black?

Interested prospects can place their order of the supplement online in their web site. Also, Zantrex black is also available in offline retail stores as well such as GNC, CVS and many more. For any query, customers can get in touch with the customer care team at 800-898-5153

Is Zantrex Black a scam?

From the high level look of the product, there are no possible symptoms which can regard this supplement as a scam. There has been complete transparency in the disclosure of all information related to ingredients, dosages as well as pricing policies. However, customers are always advised to take expert suggestions before opting for any health supplement.

Zantrex Black Side effects

Likewise all other health supplements, Zantrex black do contain a lot of extracts which are nothing by stimulants. This may cause digestive problems to customers. In addition to that, the loss of appetite as a result of this supplement could cause fatigue and nausea to the customers. Therefore, customers are recommended to evaluate these possibilities before opting for the product.

Final Verdict

Like majority of the health supplements, in case customers are expecting magical results, there is a higher chance of them getting disappointed. Supplements do have stimulants which manipulates the metabolism rate of the body. Therefore, it should always be used as a facilitator to weight loss, and not the only resort. Keeping this in mind, Zantrex black have had positive reviews of satisfied customers.

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