Yellow Devils ReviewsYellow Devils Reviews

Yellow Devils is an energy supplement used to boost your diet plan. It is intended for people who are on a weight-loss regime of nutrition. The product enhances fat burning and makes up the energy lost because of a strict diet. This review provides all information on the product, as well as an assessment if it is worth your while.

Company Behind Yellow Devils

The manufacturer of Yellow Devils is a company called American Generic Labs. They have been in business since 2004 and are known for several weight loss supplements that contain ephedra.

Yellow Devils Claims

  • Maximizes your fat burning potential and helps you lose weight
  • Charges up your energy after heavy workouts and increases stamina
  • Improves alertness and concentration
  • Boosts your mood

Yellow Devils Ingredients

Two primary ingredients of these capsules are caffeine and ephedra extract from the leaves of this plant. Other ingredients include bitter orange extract, cola nut extract, acacia rigidula extract, quebracho extract, capsicum annum, Phenethylamine HCL, Eleutherococcussenticosus and Theobromine anhydrous. It may also contain traces of gelatin, silica and magnesium stearate.

How Does Yellow Devils Work?

The recommended dosage of Yellow Devils is one capsule per day with a lot of water. That should be enough to boost your energy and accelerate your weight loss. Ephedra is known as a powerful fat burner. Caffeine helps to increase your energy levels and affects your concentration. Other ingredients, like capsicum and bitter orange extract, also help you lose pounds.

Yellow Devils Pros

  • Contains natural plant extracts
  • Return policy on the official website

Yellow Devils Cons

  • Most of the ingredients are ineffective
  • Contains an extract from the ephedra herb, which is banned in the United States
  • Makes you nervous and jumpy
  • Severe side effects, including possible heart attack and stroke

Yellow Devils Results

The supplement Yellow Devils is completely ineffective. It failed to provide results even after a whole pack was used.

Where to Buy Yellow Devils?

You can get the product via the official website of the manufacturer. One pack of the product contains 100 capsules and is available for $59.99. If you buy more containers at once, you are eligible for a discount.

Is Yellow Devils a Scam?

Yes. If Yellow Devils is capable of providing any results at all, they are negligible. Also, the product is dangerous and has serious side effects. Its main ingredient, ephedra extract, is derived from the herb of the same name. That herb also contains ephedrine, a substance banned in the United States due to safety concerns.

Yellow Devils Side Effects

You should be aware of severe side effects this product can have. Ephedra and caffeine can increase your heart rate, cause chest pains, shortness of breath, tremor, insomnia, anxiety, nervousness, change in behavior or loss of consciousness. Make sure not to exceed recommended dosage as it can lead to heart attack or stroke.

The manufacturer claims that side effects only happen until the body gets accustomed to new substances. However, if any of the symptoms persists, make sure to consult your doctor.

Final Verdict

There is no need to waste your time on Yellow Devils. This product offers ineffective ingredients, doesn’t provide any results and can be dangerous for your health. Many alternative diet supplements on the market will do the job much better and won’t put your body in danger.

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