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Xtralean is a product from the UK and is known to be a diet pill and a fat burner as it converts fats into energy. It is made from natural ingredients, it is readily available and you can buy it easily but many individuals who have tried this diet pill would say that it does not actually create positive and favorable results.

Company behind Xtralean

Holland and Barrett are known to be UK’s top seller when it comes to herbal supplements, vitamins, and minerals but they do not go into detail when it comes to the description of their products. Their stores are found in several places in the UK and they are also available online on their website to make buying easier.

Xtralean Claims

  • Converts fats into energy that will encourage weight loss
  • Contains natural ingredients but no detailed description
  • Supposedly a diet pill that will help you lose weight
  • It is made to help an individual lose weight by burning fats and suppressing the appetite

Xtralean Ingredients

It was known that the Xtralean contains natural ingredients as what you will find below. However, some of these ingredients were already banned by some health agencies. Chromium (20ug)L-Tyrosine (37mg)Acetyl-L-Tyrosine (0.5mg)Yerba Mate (81.18mg)Caffeine Anhydrous (115.9mg)Green Tea Extract (67.5mg)Ginger Extract (12.5mg)Guarana Extract (51.4mg)Maca Extract (100mg)

How does Xtralean Work?

Holland and Barrett did not go into details and did not give a thorough explanation when it comes to how the drug works and why you should choose it over any other diet pills. It only emphasizes that it works by suppressing the appetite and cravings making you want to eat less and aside from that, it simply burns fats and converts it into energy.

Xtralean Pros

  • Inclusion rates and a full list of ingredients are readily available for your reference
  • Is known to burn fats and to suppress the appetite making you lose weight easily by just taking the pill in recommended dose
  • Can be bought easily and is readily available even on the online stores

Xtralean Cons

  • There is no product guarantee
  • No specifications on how these Xtralean diet pills work and how it can support your weight loss
  • Causes several side effects that can be detrimental to your health Positive customer feedback or review is very hard to find and there were no testimonies about the product yet

Xtralean Results

Feedback and results from customers are really hard to find, you can see several information about the product but there is no actual testimony, comment or feedback about its effects.

Where to Buy Xtralean?

Xtralean is sold by Holland and Barrett alone and their store can easily be found around some towns in the UK. However, if you are not from the UK and buying it personally would be next to impossible, they you can always go to their website and purchase it online.

Is Xtralean a Scam?

Several individuals would be curious if this product actually works because customer feedback is hard to find. Aside from that, there is no specific definition of its product description and how it actually works and that is the very important aspect of the product. some would say that the product does not actually work.

Xtralean Side effects

Xtralean is known to have high levels of caffeine that would be detrimental to your health and will not be suitable for those individuals who have the low tolerance for caffeine and for those whom caffeine is contraindicated. It can cause side effects related to caffeine intake such as nausea, headaches, restlessness and difficulty sleeping.

Final Verdict

There are many diet pills available in the market today and we should be very careful in choosing them. Research carefully and make sure that the product has a detailed product description for your own reference. Xtralean has many issues especially when it comes to its product description and customer feedback that is very hard to find. When it comes to supplements, it is best for you to consult your health care provider for safety and assurance.

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