Xtra Man Cream Review: Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients, Does it Work?

Xtra Man Cream Review: Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients, Does it Work?
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Xtra Man Cream Reviews

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There are many sex enhancements products out there in the market, all promising to improve one aspect of your sex life or the other.

In this article, we will be doing a review of the XTRA-Man sex enhancement cream. Read on to find out if it’s for you or not.

Who’s Behind XTRA-Man?

No one seems to know. There is no known official website for the brand. There is a company called XTRA-Man XTRA-Girl listed here but it is impossible to establish any relationship.

Xtra Man Cream Claims

What Does the Product Promise?

  • Better enjoyment during sex as the product heightens your sexual feelings

    XTRA-Man reviews

  • The product promises to make you last longer during sex.
  • Penis enlargement
  • The product promises to treat causes of impotence
  • The makers promise increased sexual stamina if you use the product

Xtra Man Cream Ingredients

Nothing is known of the ingredients used to make the product. Such information would ideally come from the company’s website or business page, which as far as research shows, are nonexistent. For such claims as are made of the product, one can only make suppositions as to what exactly it contains.

How Does Xtra Man Cream Work?

XTRA-Man is a cream which you need to massage onto your penis, according to information on some websites. One is advised to massage thoroughly until all the cream is absorbed, and then leave to work for at least an hour before a wash. Washing the product off within an hour of application renders it ineffective.

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You are promised quick results if you stick to directions.

Xtra Man Cream Pros

XTRA-Man promises:

  • Solving several issues with a man’s sex life as opposed to other products that treat a single issue
  • Ease of use, being a cream-based product
  • Less chance of side and adverse effects, being a cream-based product as it does not affect your body system to large extents.

Xtra Man Cream Cons

  • Little-to-nothing is known about the effectiveness of this product.
  • It is cream-based, which makes it very hard to conceive that it can have the effects it claims to
  • With unknown ingredients, it is hard to tell if there may be cases of allergic reactions and other adverse effects
  • The product has no listed price

Xtra Man Cream Results

The product claims to improve your all-around sex experience from stamina and penis size to the better enjoyment and treating impotence in no time.

Where to buy Xtra Man Cream?

On the brand’s website which does not seem to exist. Research shows that you can order the product on their official website and have it shipped within 7-12 days, but there are no links to the brand’s official website. Click Here to buy Xtra Man Cream at Amazon or click on the image.

Is Xtra Man Cream a Scam?

This is hard to say. We do not have any evidence that the product works or not. But it is hard to trust a product that has no price listing, retail outlet or official website. And since there are no known reviews of the product, one can only wonder what it really is about.

Xtra Man Cream Side effects

The makers of XTRA-Man claim that the product does not have any side effects whatsoever due to the fact that it is cream-based. However, there are adverse effect indications for:

  • Use by minors
  • Application on broken skin
  • Contact with the eyes
  • People that are sensitive to the product’s ingredients (what ingredients?)

Final Verdict

XTRA-Man seems to be shrouded in mystery with pretty much nothing known of its manufacturers, price or ingredients.

Also, simple scientific knowledge suggests that no product can cure impotency or increase your penis size if applied externally.

For a body part as sensitive and crucial as your body part, you will want to play safe and stay away from mysterious products.

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