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Where to buy Male Extra in Philippines?

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Where to buy Male Extra in Philippines?

When looking for the best place to buy male extra while in the Philippines, the best place I could recommend is to go for the official website if you really not want to be scammed. Visit the official website now!

There are some internet stores in the Philippines that are accredited to sell this kind of drug. For those even looking for bigger order, it is recommended to buy at most of 4 months supply for effective results.

It sold together with a DVD version about penis health, a complementary multivitamin and a free box of performer5

Male extra is one of the male growth supplement pills that have the unique combination of ingredients are safe for human also has effect on blood flow and penile functioning.

It provides stronger penile erection and extended size in brings this effect by virtually eliminating the manifestation of any side effects. Visit the official website now!


There are many benefits of male extra supplement, here are some of them,

  • The first benefit of this supplement is that it is only taken once a day and just gives out the results.
  • It has safe and 100 % natural ingredients that have fewer side effects for human being
  • It results to longer and extended orgasm in men
  • It boosts the blood flow along the penis that gives the stronger penis erection that can last until sexual satisfaction

The unique formula

The key to the stronger and hard erections is through the l-arginine HCL and ellagic acid that is said to be at 40%. Visit the official website now!

This present ingredients have been specifically intended for their significant effect on the nitric oxide in the body which is the key to increasing the blood flow in the penile tissue.


The male extra gives the result based on the effect it has on nitric oxide. The nitric oxide increases the blood flow in the penile tissue giving about stronger reaction.

So when one uses this pill, is guaranteed as a result of stronger erection. Visit the official website now!

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