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Vintage Burn Review: Ingredients, Side Effects, Does it Work?

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Vintage Burn

What is Vintage Burn?

Vintage Burn is a weight loss supplement created by Old School Labs. Based on the Old School Labs site, the organization was established in order “to create uncompromising, premium supplements for educated customers who demand the very best.”

But is this really so? The ingredients shown on the labeling consist of the following: Garcinia Cambogia, Raspberry Ketones, Green Coffee beans, olive leaves extract, Bacopa leaf extract, Chrysin and Forskolin Root Extract and caffeine.

Vintage Burn Claims

  • Burns up fat fast
  • Preserves muscle
  • Boosts focus, sharpness, mood and memory

Vintage Burn Ingredients

— Green Tea Leaf Extract (330mg)Vintage Burn review

— Green Coffee Bean Extract (270mg)

— Raspberry Ketones (200mg)

— Olive Leaf Extract (160mg)

— Caffeine (150mg)

— Bacopa Leaf Extract (130mg)

— Garcinia Fruit Extract (100mg)

— Chrysin (100mg)

— Forskohlii Root Extract (60mg)

Most of these ingredients do generally the similar thing: they increase your body’s metabolic process and motivate thermogenesis. Some ingredients – like caffeine – have a lot more scientific evidence compared to others. Raspberry ketones don’t have a lot scientific proof; however they have performed well in a few clinical studies.

How does Vintage Burn Work?

Vintage Burn works by using its strong slimming ingredients. Its different formula is made to spare muscle and strength while regularly burning your fat.

This enables you to maintain muscle fibers although it helps incinerate as much calories as fat per pound. As it contains stimulants, Vintage Burn may also assist enhance your mood, focus and mental sharpness.

Caffeine, green tea, green coffee bean are all identified fat burners with capabilities to increase your body’s fat reduction capabilities. These agents also offer antioxidants, so it also can help strengthen your immunity mechanism.

Raspberry, forskohlii and garcinia fruit ingredients are also proven to provide some measures of weight loss, such as appetite reduction and metabolism boost.

Brahmi or Bacopa Leaf Extract is recognized to help improve memory, thinking and all round mental health. Chrysin helps with improving your testosterone generation, which is essential if you wish to preserve muscles.

These ingredients are not only known for weight loss, however it can also develop other areas of health like digestion, skin, cancer prevention and even sexual health.

Vintage Burn Benefits

Vintage Burn promises to burn fat, maintain muscle, and enhance focus and mood. The fat-burning and muscle preservation appear to check out; in reality, we’ll raise those stakes by saying this formulation will promote overall weight loss, not only by burning fat. We’re calling BS on “focus and mood” claims, although.

Is Vintage Burn Safe?

The well-known complains were nausea, shaking, headache and dizziness, which are signs of caffeine allergic reaction which Vintage Burn have.

Vintage Burn Advantages

  • Certainly can offer weight loss
  • Encourages other health advantages
  • A lot of Amazon reviews online
  • Returns – Amazon dependent

Vintage Burn Disadvantages

  • Disclosed side effects
  • Some components do nothing for fat burning
  • More perfect for physically active individuals
  • Quite expensive – $49.99

Vintage Burn Reviews

VINTAGE BURN amazon review

Vintage Burn Guarantee

Vintage Burn is offered exclusively from Amazon.com, meaning customers are secured under the Amazon returns policy.

Where to Buy Vintage Burn?

Vintage Burn is only available on Amazon.com. Each bottle includes 120 capsules that is a 30 day supply.

Final Verdict

There are some benefits like a few good user comments and easy reaching the support service department, but we can’t suggest it because of the insufficient published clinical study supporting weight-loss claims. We also have issues about the addition of raspberry ketones, often considered a “fad” ingredient and the provider doesn’t have much time in the business.

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