Vigorelle Review: Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients, Does it Work?

Vigorelle Review: Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients, Does it Work?

Vigorelle ReviewsVigorelle

As days go by, your sexuality as a woman will cease to be what it used to be no matter how much you find it. Getting in the mood will be a bit harder, and dryness is likely to come knocking just when you think you are finally on track. No cause for alarm though, thanks to the sexual enhancer that is the Vigorelle lubricant.

So what is this magical product?

Vigorelle Claims

Vigorelle for women is a lubricant gel produced by a team with the same name to help women fight the frustration that comes with unfulfilling sexual lives. It boasts helping women get their romp between the sheets by improving their confidence and performance in the major aspects of sex:

  • Easier and faster stimulation during foreplay
  • Good mood and sexual energy
  • Stronger and more enjoyable sensations during penetration
  • Longer period of wetness allowing for comfortable and enjoyable sex

Vigorelle Ingredients

A host of ingredients goes into the lube tube, each with a special role. L-arginine HCl and Ginko Biloba contain amino acids that increase blood flow to the applied area by vasodilating vessels and moisturizing the area. Wild Yam, Suma root and Damiana leaf help in hormonal balance for that oh-so-desirable mood to get into and keep things pumping. Hyaluronic Acid, peppermint leaf, and aloe vera improve moisture and increase sensations with a minty feel.

How to use Vigorelle?

The lube is applied by hand to the vaginal area before intercourse. Anywhere between 30 minutes and an hour is within time. There is increased blood flow to this area, and wetness even with little foreplay.

Vigorelle Pros

An overview of feedback from women who have used Vigorelle reveals amazing levels of satisfaction. Users (and experience) have shown an overall improvement in sex sessions and resuscitation of sex drive formerly thought non-existent. Vigorelle works wonders in:

  • Improving quality of sex
  • Boosting women’s overall sexual confidence
  • Enabling women to satisfy their men sexually

Vigorelle Cons

For the purposes of an honest review, it is important to state the following as cons of the lubricant:

  • Minor irritation or itching on sensitive skin
  • Unavailability of clinical tests on safety
  • Increased urge for repeat use
  • Unavailability in many cosmetic shops

Where to buy Vigorelle?

Unfortunately, many cosmetic shops are yet to stock this product. It is however available on the Vigorelle website, and there are no shipping charges. It comes with a money back guarantee, although it is unlikely you will need to use this option.

Final Verdict

This product appears almost too good to be real, but you will be pleased to know it is not a scam at all. What’s more, there are almost no side effects. The importance of sex in relationships cannot be overstated, and what better thing than to know you have a helper to get libido where you want it to be.

This lubricant will help you as a woman to get the most out of your sex sessions. There is more joy for you and longer, satisfying sections for your man. There result a healthier relationship. As a wise woman, Vigorelle is a perfect tube to have in your bedside drawer!