Vigor Thrive Review: Side Effects, Results, Ingredients, Scam, Does it Work?

Vigor Thrive Review: Side Effects, Results, Ingredients, Scam, Does it Work?

vigor-thrive-reviewsVigor Thrive Reviews

DO NOT BUY Vigor Thrive till you read this review. Find out all about its ingredients, benefits, side effects and user results before trying.

According to the Cleveland Clinic about 40% men above 40 years experience at least one sign of impotence. As men grow older so does the frequency of this condition increase. Vigor Thrive is a male health supplement that is purported to provide the necessary relief for men who suffer from impotence. It is also said to enhance the penile size.

Company behind Vigor Thrive

There is no conclusive data on just who makes this product, besides a contact number that is offered on several online review websites.

Vigor Thrive Claims

According to some reviews this male health supplement can do the following;

  • Treat impotence
  • Enlarge the penis when erect
  • Boost male libido
  • Enhance and prolong orgasm
  • Improve sexual performance

Vigor Thrive Ingredients

According to some reviews Vigor Thrive is formulated with all-natural ingredients. All of which, its maker boldly asserts, can significantly assist in treating erectile dysfunction (impotence). This includes Tongkat Ali, oyster extract, Maca root extract, Muira Pauma extract and L-arginine.

How does Vigor Thrive Work?

This male health supplement is purported to carry out its work by furnishing the body with a higher count of nitric oxide. It has also been said to significantly boost testosterone production. The nitric oxide can facilitate for more blood flow to the male sexual organ when a man is aroused, leading to a firmer and long lasting erection.

Vigor Thrive Pros

  • This product is believed to boost testosterone synthesis in a totally natural manner.
  • It is said to only require a single capsule dosage on a daily basis for it to work well.

Vigor Thrive Cons

  • There are no real customer reviews to support its effectiveness.
  • There are no clinical trials to back the claims issued by its maker.
  • There is very little data on its maker even in its official website.
  • Shipping is only available for a few select countries.
  • The product isn’t backed with a money back guarantee.

Vigor Thrive Results

Like it has been stated in the cons section, there is no real customer reviews to back the claims its maker has boldly made about it. So, fully determining if it is effective will be difficult until people start to review it.

Where to buy Vigor Thrive?

Vigor Thrive is made available for sale on several 3rd party websites and its own official website. You can place an order on a single bottle that can last for a month or opt for a 5 month package at a discounted price.

Is Vigor Thrive a Scam?

With the scanty information on its maker and lack of independent reviews, this product seems to be a scam. The lack of confirmed clinical trials is also another issue, which makes most to think it is not legitimate.

Vigor Thrive Side effects

At the moment there hasn’t been any report of any adverse effects of this product. Still, if you’re on other medication, it will be prudent to talk with your doctor prior to using it.

Final Verdict

Vigor Thrive is a male health supplement, whose maker claims it can treat impotence, but it still hasn’t been totally proven to do so. Yet, it offers other benefits like fat burning, improving circulation and promoting lean muscle mass growth.