Vicerex Review: Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients, Does it Work?

Vicerex Review: Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients, Does it Work?

Vicerex ReviewsVicerex reviews

Vicerex is a drug used to specifically treat erectile dysfunction (ed) in men. Vicerex has been advertised on a large scale as being the natural substitute to medicines like levitra and viagra. People are intrigued because the company claims to provide the same results as other ed treatment drugs, however there are no side-effects.

Company Behind Vicerex

Vicerex is manufactured by a company known as Florida LLC 43311. However, no address or relevant information about the company is provided on the website which makes us really skeptical about the product.

Vicerex Claims

The company claims that taking Vicerex will provide you with long lasting erection.The effect of the drug can be felt by you for a period of at least 72 hours.The product works really fast- you can see results in about 20 to 30 minutes.

Vicerex Ingredients

  • Tongkat Ali- this is one of the main ingredients of vicerex. It helps in increasing your virility and helps you to get erected.
  • Horny goat weed- For increasing the size of your penis
  • Tribulus terrestris – increases the level of testosterone in your body and the movement of sperms.
  • Epimedium Sagittatum- enhances the level of blood flow to your penis.

How does Vicerex work?

Two capsules of Vicerex has to be taken daily with a glass of warm water. The drug starts working within twenty minutes and the effect lasts for around 3 days. The company also claims that you can also take this drug along with alcohol. The daily dosage which has been recommended is 400 mg for men but two pills comprises only 300 mg.

Vicerex Pros

  • Improvement of libido and sexual desire in men
  • The product comes with a 30 days money back guarantee which means you get your money back if you aren’t satisfied.
  • Vicerex comprises of some very powerful ingredients which are popular for treating erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems in men.

Vicerex Cons

  • The product is very costly.
  • It’s not suitable for people suffering from diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and high cholesterol level.
  • There are no scientific proof or clinical trials of this drug actually working on people.
  • FDA has issued warnings against the usage of this product as it contains dangerous drug Tadalafil.

Vicerex Results

The company claims that the results after taking this drug is quick and lasts long than most of the other sexual enhancements drugs you will find in the market.

Where to buy Vicerex?

You can buy Vicerex from the company’s official website. The larger quantity of this drug you purchase, the lower is it going to cost you.

Is Vicerex a Scam?

Yes, we do think that Vicerex is a scam and it’s not better than other male enhancements drugs available in the market. The company makes preposterous claims about the drug working super quickly and how the erection last for over two days. But in reality, It doesn’t have any substantial facts to back these claims on.

Vicerex Side effects

Even though the company claims that Vicerex is made of 100% natural ingredients and doesn’t have any side-effects, this claim is absolutely incorrect.There are various side effects of taking Vicerex such as insomnia, anxiety, heart palpitation and headaches. Also, as already mentioned above people suffering from diabetes, heart disease and hypertension shouldn’t take this drug.

Final Verdict

There are various drugs claiming to treat erectile dysfunction. But before purchasing any such drug, we need to do proper research. Even though Vicerex claims that it’s free from any side-effects, we just aren’t too sure about this and making such outrageous and false claims just to boost sale doesn’t go well with us.