Verutum RX Review: Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients, Does it Work?

Verutum RX Review: Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients, Does it Work?

Verutum RX reviewsVerutum RX Reviews

Every man battles with concerns of premature ejaculation and problems of erection at some point hence why we turn to male enhancement pills for a little boost.

And there isn’t a shortage of such products on the market however a good number are not what they seem to be. In the spirit of separating the wheat from the chaff, we shall be taking a look at the Verutum RX.

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Who’s the face behind Verutum RX?

Putting a finger on the actual makers of the drug is an uphill task as they have gone the extra mile to ensure that they remain anonymous. This is a major red flag as people with something to hide tend to ensure that products cannot be traced back to them so be wary of Verutum.

However, there is a mobile phone number and a protected email address available on their official website which is still not enough to go by.

Verutum RX Claims

What does it claim to do?
Here’s what Verutum RX purports to do:

  • It is a cure for erectile dysfunction
  • It boosts your appetite for sexual intercourse
  • It improves the general health of your body
  • It heightens your energy levels during intercourse i.e. sexual stamina.
  • It provides an alternative source of essential supplements required by the body

Verutum RX Ingredients

  • Horny goat weed: Verutum implores a component of the plant known as icariin.
  • Nettle root extract which they say enhances sexual stamina and power.
  • L-arginine; an amino acid said to improve blood flow to the male member.
  • Saw palmetto extract that is believed to help in keeping testosterone at just the right levels

How does Verutum RX Work?

Verutum RX increases production of the sex hormone testosterone and improves blood circulation in the target area for long periods of time. Both of which contribute to increased energy for longer intercourse without fatigue.

It further claims that it can even reduce stress because it increases the levels of serotonin in the body. This is also geared towards improving your sexual desire and mental frame during intercourse.

Verutum RX Pros

  • It doesn’t incorporate any chemical products; a fact which is displayed generously on the cover without any scientific backing from a recognized facility behind it. It just claims to be approved by the ‘authorities’ and does not put a name to the exact institution which is a worrying sign.
  • It hides the effects of ageing due to its stress relieving properties.

Verutum RX Cons

Just like most of its male enhancement counterparts, the product has quite a number of cons which include:

  • Continuous long-term use leads to occasional nose bleeding
  • It has been known to induce dizziness
  • It could lead to headaches
  • It could interfere with your eyesight leading to blurry vision
  • It may lead to flushes i.e. reddening of the face and other parts of the skin
  • In the worst-case scenario, you could end up with priapism i.e. abnormally long lasting erections
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Verutum RX Results

Of course, every product has testimonials that attest towards its prowess and Verutum RX has many of such. However, problem is, the users cannot be traced to genuine accounts which is a popular trick used by scammers to get buyers by appealing to the basic human nature that seeing or hearing is believing.

Therefore, do not be quick to act upon results you come across the internet.

Where to buy Verutum RX?

Well, if for some reason you still want to try out Verutum for yourself, the product is solely available on the official website. Go to the healthy mini-hub website and look under the Verutum RX male enhancement tab. There are also many other online sellers who have the product on offer.

Is Verutum RX a Scam?

Well given the sketchy details on the company behind the product coupled with the fact that it cannot be found on reputable online retail platforms like Amazon; it is definitely a product that you should steer clear of. So yes, the evidence overwhelming points towards it being a scam.

This is further compounded by the numerous testimonials from unsatisfied users who have reported using the drugs for weeks on end but to no avail.

Verutum RX Side Effects

Verutum RX claims to be an all-natural supplement and therefore doesn’t have any side effects on the user. This is certainly not the case as, because of the imbalanced blood flow caused by increased blood circulation to just a single part of the body, you are highly susceptible to a heart attack.

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Final Verdict

Verutum RX might look good but it is certainly a case of promising heaven and failing to deliver. Do not be fooled by the many scientific ingredients and explanations behind it; when you delve deeper beyond the sleek exterior and into the core of the nitty gritty, it becomes apparent that it is just one of those male supplements that are all show but no go.