Best Treatment for Low Testosterone in Men

Best Treatment for Low Testosterone in Men

treatment-options-for-low-testosteroneTreatment options for Low Testosterone in Men

Nowadays more men are turning to testosterone treatment to fight symptoms which are associated with Low Testosterone than ever before. However, the question is which type of testosterone product is the most suitable to buy and use. Men have several different alternatives of low testosterone treatment. Some other alternatives may also provide proper treatment for low testosterone in men who need a lower dosage to raise their testosterone levels or those who cannot use injections. It is important to seek a hormone replacement therapy doctor because each person is unique just as there are different individual cases in hormone levels.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

The widely known common treatment of low testosterone is the testosterone replacement therapy also known as hypogonadism. It treats symptoms related to low testosterone like poor erections as well as low sex drive. Testosterone Replacement Therapy is enticing and has some health benefits as well as several side effects. It is recommended that before you decide on this therapy; make sure you have discussed your condition with a specialized therapist. You should also have an understanding of what the therapy treatment can or can’t do for you

Buccal Patches 

Testosterone buccal patches can be placed on the upper arm, scrotum, abdomen, shoulder or the back, but it depends on the exact patch. Most of the men introvert from the scrotal patches because the area is very sensitive and the need to shave off the scrotum before sticking the patch, as well as irritation risks. Other body parts are also subject to irritation from the patches considering that a man should use two patches daily.


Underarm testosterone is applied daily to the arm. It is also among the least effective way of increasing testosterone in men.


Injections are cheap and are the most preferable. Testosterone injections are a deep muscle injection and take 7-22 days but on average men should use them after every two weeks

Oral Testosterone

An oral tablet also known as the transbuccal medication is placed above the incisor and stuck to the upper gum. The testosterone medication gets broken down by the saliva which is then absorbed into the bloodstream via the oral tissues. You are supposed to take two applications daily.


Testosterone pellets are usually surgically implanted under the skin of the patient which finally dissolves into the blood stream to take effect.


Cream is considered one of the most effective treatments of testosterone. It is applied on the groin area where it is absorbed through the skin and finally released into the blood. One is supposed to apply the testosterone cream once in a day.


The option of treatment for low testosterone in men is something that needs to be dealt with by a hormone replacement therapy specialist, and this should be based on symptoms the man is having. The blood test results are also a determining factor to be taken into consideration by the doctor when treating low testosterone levels.