Thrustuline Boost Review: Does it Work? Side Effects, Scam

Thrustuline Boost Review: Does it Work? Side Effects, Scam
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Thrustuline Boost ReviewThrustuline Boost

Thrustuline boost is a product marketed like other muscle building products that are supposed to help those who want to lose weight without hard work.

Marketed as a result-yielding product that’s very effective, the supplement is advertised as one that’s better than others in every way including price.

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Company behind

Thrustuline is a product of CB rank, a company that has been around for a long time and manufactures similar products.

Thrustuline Boost vs Testogen

Thrustuline Boost


Support in Extreme Muscle Gain

Support in Strength & Stamina

Long Term Result

Ingredients Quality

Help in Sex Drive & Libido


The supplement producers claim that it not only has the ability to repair muscles and create new muscle fibers, it can also increase metabolism and decrease appetite thereby aiding in weight loss. They also claim that it increases the libido of users making them better in bed.


Zinc, Tribulus Terrestis and Tongkat Ali are some of the ingredients found in this supplement. Additional ones include Yohimbe bark product, L-tyrosine and saw palmetto.

All these are meant to work together to give the drug its ability t perform as marketed.

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How does Thrustuline Boost Work?

Tribulus Terrestris brings the increase in sexual drive while zinc increases protein synthesis and provides the anabolic effect for the muscles. Tongkat also brings improves body building and reduces chances of infertility whereas Yohimbe improves chances of arousal.

Saw palmetto is responsible for providing erections and increasing the size of the penis while L-tyrosine increases energy levels during sex.

Thrustuline Boost Pros

  • It reduces appetite while increasing metabolism rate thereby building muscles faster
  • It increases your energy levels without causing hormonal imbalance
  • Leads to better erections by increasing blood flow to the penis
  • Improves the levels of testosterone thereby improving sex drive

Thrustuline Boost Cons

  • It is only available online from one website which reduces accessibility and convenience
  • Chances of someone having allergic reactions is higher due to the side effects
  • Can easily counteract with other drugs you’re using thereby causing adverse effects.
  • It doesn’t yield results as it should

Thrustuline Boost Results

This supplement claims to provide results such as increased muscles and energy as well as libido within two months yet it doesn’t deliver as promised.

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Where to buy Thrustuline Boost?

Thrustuline boost can be bought from the official website only.

Is Thrustuline Boost a scam?

From the way the supplement is being brought into the market together with its inability to work like it should, this drug is a scam.

Thrustuline Boost Side effects

The drug claims to have no side effects but when used with counteractive drugs it can lead to shortness of breath, headache nausea as well as stomach pains and vomiting.

Final Verdict

The drug suppliers claim to have a trial period that involves giving users a bottle of the drug for free, and that it gives results naturally. However, they’re unable to provide any proof of their claims bringing to question their credibility.