testro-xTestro X Honest Review – The Testosterone Booster for Males

With so many scam supplements available on the web, it is quite a challenge determining the legitimate one. Testro X Factor is one of the natural supplements that claim to boost the testosterone levels in the body among other health benefits. Despite the fact that this supplement lacks clinical and scientific backing, it greatly boasts of short-term increased testosterone and long-term health benefits related to higher testosterone baseline. It is claimed that the natural based ingredients contained in this testosterone booster can enable its users say bye to therapy and other artificial medical interventions. Some of the health benefits that Testro-X boasts of include healthy and tighter body muscles, better stamina, more energy, exclusive gym performance and improved libido.

The Manufacturer or Company behind Testro X

Testro –X is manufactured by Truth Nutraceuticals that offer a number of health programs. They have built AnabolicMen website to offer education on health issues and supplements. The manufacturers claim to go beyond the industry standards by selling brands that are backed by research.

Testro X Claims

Testro-X being a testosterone boosting supplement claims not only to increase the short-term levels of testosterone in the body but also prepare the body to achieve a higher level of long-term testosterone baseline. It is claimed that the supplement helps achieve the following:

  • Increased stamina
  • Improved libido
  • Help one exercise longer
  • Generally, improve men’s health

Testro X Ingredients

The core ingredients found in Testro-X supplement includes the following:

  • Ashwagandha Extract – a widely used natural adaptogen
  • Zinc – One of the essential nutrients that the body can’t synthesis
  • Coleus Forskolin – A traditional herb extract
  • Magnesium – The most abundant mineral that plays more than 300 functions in the body
  • Boron – A very crucial but most underutilized dietary mineral
  • L-Theanine – A non-dietary amino acid that enhances relaxation
  • Glycine – Amino acid that plays a great role in the nervous system
  • Inositol – A glucose-like molecule that is involved in cellular signaling
  • Boron – Dietary mineral
  • Black Pepper Extract – Natural extract that increases the ability of the body to absorb supplements

How Does Testro X Work?

Basically, Testro-X works by enabling the body to achieve a higher T-level through homeostasis. Ashwagandha is the major ingredient that boosts the production of testosterone, improves physical performance, reduces cortisol, and anxiety. Magnesium controls a number of bodily functions among improving the T-level. Zinc is another supplementary diet that is known to be a mood booster. Apart from naturally boosting the T-levels, zinc supports healthy growth and DNA synthesis, reduces the conversion of testosterone to Estrogen, and improves prostate health among other benefits. It also consists of Boron that increases free testosterone and decreases inflammation. Lastly, the Forskolin extract boost T-levels and induces fat loss in men.

Testro X Pros

  • A money-back guarantee is provided
  • Based on natural ingredients

Testro X Cons

  • It lacks legitimate and scientific clinical backing
  • There are more testosterone boosters such as Virectin, Test, X180 Alpha and much more
  • No evidence or scientific research that supports the efficacy of some of the ingredients
  • It is significantly more expensive than other more effective testosterone boosters

Where to Buy Testro X?

Weighed the cost-benefits of Testro-X and finally decided to spend your money? Simply visit the official website of the Truth Nutraceuticals for more information.

Is Testro X a scam?

The claims of this testosterone booster are impressive but more of made-up than real. Based on the fact that no information backs the validity of the ingredients contained in Testro-X, I strongly advise that every single person thinking of giving this supplement a consideration, should proceed with caution, otherwise, they are in for a nasty surprise.

Testro X Side Effects

The following limitations are associated with this supplement:

  • Can only be used with those aged 18 years and above
  • Can’t be used when one has a medical condition
  • Shouldn’t be used when one is pregnant or nursing

Final Verdict

There are a bunch of testosterone boosters out there in the market. Even though one may get tempted, it is good to proceed with caution rather than acting fast and regretting in the next minute. Testro-X factor seems to be based on a bunch of lies. Furthermore, none of the ingredients contained in this dietary supplement have been evaluated by Food and Drug Administration or any other Medical Research Institution. The claims and healthy benefits of this supplement all point to one thing – A tall order that can never be accomplished by a single supplement. I, therefore, recommend that one considers other options before making the final decision.

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