Tengenix Review: Is it a Scam? Side Effects, Does it Work?

Tengenix Review: Is it a Scam? Side Effects, Does it Work?

Tengenix Reviewtengenix-review

Is Tengenix A Trustworthy Solution To Rely On?

The new internet sensation Tengenix is an exciting male supplement ready for discovery. There are several credible websites online which conclude that penile size enlargement is not possible but rather achieving the right penile size is a combination of several factors that cannot be manipulated by supplements. This is actually true. Penile enlargement however unpopular has seen several researchers study various ingredients to come up with patented products on it.

Tengenix Company Behind

Tengenix seems to be registered to a Delaware base company called Penta Media LLC.The research and development that has gone into Tengenix proves that it is a legitimate product. The last research phases of this product was an instant success. Select test subjects were given samples to ascertain if the results would resemble those of actual users and the results were astonishing. Penile size enlargement is the area of specialty, and the perfect male enhancement product.

Tengenix Claims

Tengenix guarantees its customers over 10 benefits that come attached to the product. Some of the claims made by Tengenix on its product are:

  • Enhances your libido and sexual performance
  • Remarkable increase in the size of the penis
  • Increased body release of pheromones
  • Orgasm control

Tengenix Ingredients

  • L-Arginine – This semi-essential amino acid raises the concentration of nitric oxide within the bloodstream. This triggers arterial contraction enhancing blood flow.
  • Tongkat Ali – This ingredient is the very effective in male penile enhancement.
  • Tribulusterrestris – This great testosterone booster is very popular in the market today.Its also present in some bodybuilding formulas to promote muscle building.
  • Muirapuama – Muirapuama is an instant testosterone booster that can be absorbed into your blood stream.
  • Maca Root – A great sexual enhancement supplement that can be used by both sexes.

How does Tengenix work?

Tengenix ingredients may be classified into three groups. First is the vasodilators which improve the blood circulation to your penis. Testosterone boosters are present too and are tasked with increasing your libido and pheromonal release. Finally the male stamina is improved on greatly by the sexual endurance ingredients. TenGenix is a revolutionary product which perfectly works on male enhancement. Most of its ingredients have been selected carefully to deliver optimal performance. When mixing up the ingredients they have been set in a ratio that is proportional to the effect of the other ingredient in that mix. Tengenix takes a different approach from other male enhancement pills which utilize aphrodisiacs in order to produce an observable obvious benefit of raising a user’s libido.

Tengenix Pros

  • Based on a proprietary formula
  • Clinical study supports their claim
  • Available internationally

Tengenix Cons

  • Insufficient reviews and information from reputable third party sources.
  • Costly
  • Resembles a similar product called Biomanix
  • Lacks on the shelves
  • Claims it performs penis enlargement which is impossible.

Tengenix Results

The results of the product depend on the reviews by an individual user. Unfortunately we were unable to come up with tangible results that could meet our credibility requirements.

Where to buy Tengenix?

The only place retailing Tengenix is their official website. A full month supply fetches $60 and this is not accompanied by any discount. As for the moment Tengenix do not offer buyers any free trial, however this might probably change in the near future.

Is Tengenix a Scam?

Looking at the website of the product there is a lot of suspicion as to the authenticity of the reviews and legitimacy of the product. There are hardly any real reviews of a person claiming that the product actually works there. They claim that Tengenix took part in clinical study but do not divulge further information as to where it took place exactly.

Tengenix Side effects

All supplements out there in the market have the capability of inducing side effects on particular users. Ensure that you consult your doctor as some of the ingredients present within Tengenix might interfere with your medication causing a reaction. Increased flow of blood from Tengenix can also result in low blood pressure which can get worse if you are already on blood pressure medication.

Final Verdict

Arriving at a certain conclusion on Tengenix will be a mere assumption. As much as they try to argue out a compelling case of being a libido transforming supplement they still have more to prove. The clinical tests and research papers seem good to hear but this are just advertisement jargon that we might have heard before on other products.