TC1 Gel ReviewsTC1 Gel Reviews

In simple terms, this product is a pre-workout topical gel designated to boost workout results. TC1 Gel assists in the thermogenic process i.e. generating heat to burn fat during a workout quickly. According to the manufacturer, this gel is supposed to help build and sculpture a body. It is meant for use together with the TC1 sweatband.

TC1 Gel Manufacturing Company

The sweat ignition formula is manufactured by TC1.

TC1 Gel Claims

The manufacturer claims that using TC1 Gel;

  • Will torn muscles, creating a healthy looking body
  • Accelerates production of heat during exercise such that muscles stay loose through the workout
  • Contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory oil. Thus helps relieve pain and sore muscle after a workout session.
  • Increases stamina and energy. According to TC1, the 15 to 20 minutes waiting period facilitates sweating, and when you start the workout, fat can be burnt easily.

TC1 Gel Ingredients

The main ingredient in TC1 Gel is Capsaicin. Other ingredients that are said to be responsible for gel functionality include petrolatum, coconut oil, carnuba wax, jojoba oil, aloe vera oil, as well as tocopheryl acetate.

How the TC1 Gel Works?

TC1 Gel is supposed to get its functional component from Capsaicin. Ideally, the product is meant to decrease pain sensation through stimulation of pain signals. This supplement is intended to target nerve endings responsible for pain and reduce muscle fatigue. The Gel must be applied topically 15 to 20 minutes before a 60 to 70 minutes workout. For the Gel to work and maximum results, it must be used twice a day before workout sessions.

TC1 Gel Pros

  • Natural ingredients provide soothing effect to the body
  • Can elongate a workout session

TC1 Gel Cons

  • Currently, TC1 Gel is yet to get approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Thus, users take a gamble with their money, as well as health.
  • The Gel must be applied topically, a good 15 minutes before working out. Hence proving inconvenient.
  • The chili peppers in Capsaicin are too strong. Therefore, when using, it is a must to wash hands with soap and hot water to avoid getting itchy eyes and runny nose.
  • The ingredients used to make TC1 Gel are too strong and can cause skin damage.
  • For practical results, the TC1 Gel must be coupled with a TC1 sweatband.

Where to buy TC1 Gel?

The Gel can be purchased online from TC1 website and Amazon. The retail price for 1*6.5 oz is $39.99. Buying two containers costs $69.95. The best value is for three containers going for $89.95. The TC1 sweatband can also be purchased separately or together with the supplement.

Reviews: Is it Scam?

It is easy to pass TC1 Gel as a scam because one needs to conduct a thorough research before understanding that the Gel works when coupled with a sweatband.

TC1 Gel Side Effects

Users have reported that the Gel is not suitable for all types of skin. Additionally, the sweat ignition formula is too strong for anyone under the age of 18 and pregnant ladies.

Final Verdict

In an ideal situation, TC1 Gel is supposed to promote weight loss by burning fat, and elongating the workout period. Also, the supplement is meant to loosen muscles to help with body sculpturing. However, for the Gel to work, a belt must be bought and used simultaneously with the Gel. Moreover, there has been some reports of temporary skin redness and itching making the Gel undesirable for the users.

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