Synadrene Review: Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients, Does it Work?

Synadrene Review: Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients, Does it Work?

Synadrene ReviewsSynadrene reviews

Everyone wants a weight loss supplement that will almost miraculously cause them to start shedding pounds without dieting or exercise, and the market is flooded with products that claim to do just that. Synadrene is one of the latest of these “miracle pills,” a new version of the popular Synadrex.

Company Behind Synadrene

Synadrene is manufactured by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, which is based in Georgia. CEO Jared Wheat seems to have a shady past, making any claims about the product dubious.

Synadrene Claims

The claims of Hi-Teach Pharmaceuticals are grandiose. Some of them include:

  • Accelerating weight loss by increasing lipolysis in the body
  • Increasing mental focus and ability to concentrate
  • Reducing appetite so you don’t overeat
  • Increasing metabolism without exercise
  • Increasing energy levels throughout the day

Synadrene Ingredients

Synadrene is almost identical to Synadrex, which was manufactured by Metabolic Nutrition. It includes chromium, green tea extract, vitamins B6 and B12, Yohimbine, sandalwood extract, methylxanthine, niacin, caffeine anhydrous, alpha lipoic acid, sulbutiamine and more. The primary difference between Synadrene and Synadrex is that the newer product contains DMAA instead of AMP Citrate.

How does Synadrene Work?

Synadrene claims to work through its different ingredients. Caffeine anhydrous is supposed to increase energy levels as well as metabolism. DMAA is claimed to increase energy levels by acting directly on the nervous system. Green tea extract increases focus and your body’s fat-burning rate. The idea is the ingredients in Synadrene work together to produce the claimed effects described earlier.

Synadrene Pros

  • Caffeine anhydrous, DMAA, and green tea extract can help increase energy levels, mental alertness, and decrease appetite so a person doesn’t overeat.
  • Sulbutiamine may improve mood, helping with feelings of depression. DMAA, chemically similar to epinephrine, may have a similar effect.
  • Synadrene is a suitable replacement for Synadrex, which is now almost impossible to purchase or is exorbitantly expensive if it can be found

Synadrene Cons

  • The most obvious con is that Synadrene is expensive – it can run at around $70 a bottle.
  • Many users have reported feeling nauseous or dizzy, experiencing symptoms like diarrhea or vomiting. While some do claim they feel an increase in energy, not many people have seen dramatic or quick fat loss results with Synadrene.
  • Synadrene contains DMAA, a chemical that the FDA has attempted to remove from the weight loss supplement market due to negative health effects.
  • The company behind Synadrene, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, has had legal trouble with the FDA before and is seemingly very untrustworthy.
  • It is very difficult to find positive reviews for the product that are genuine and not “planted” by the manufacturer or someone affiliated with them.

Synadrene Results

Not many people have lost serious fat with Synadrene. They may feel a boost in energy, but this can come along with dizziness or nausea.

Where to Buy Synadrene?

Synadrene can be purchased on different sites on the web.

Is Synadrene a Scam?

As pointed out several times in this post, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is not a company to be trusted. Is Synadrene a scam? The developers are certainly just out to make as much money as possible. Keep in mind the product this is based on, Synadrex, was challenged by the FDA several times.

Synadrene Side Effects

The most severe side effect of Synadrene is that it can cause dizziness and nauseousness. This is all caused by the inclusion of DMAA, which the FDA has challenged. Customers claim that if you take Synadrene any time in the afternoon, you will be awake all night, making the boost in energy backfire.

Final Verdict

Overall, Synadrene is not a great product. The only real benefit a user might get from it is an increase in energy and focus, but that comes with the side effects of nauseousness and dizziness. Besides, there are many much better products that give an energy boost. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals has demonstrated its untrustworthy before. Any potential buyer should beware!

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