11 Low Testosterone Symptoms in Men

11 Low Testosterone Symptoms in Men

avoid erectyle dysfunction11 Symptoms of Low Testosterone in Men

Testosterone in men is perhaps the most important hormone of all; it is responsible for all the changes the male human body experiences, such as, production of sperm, promoting the growth of beards, among other important functions. Besides that basic fact, research has shown that low testosterone levels can pave a way for diseases getting into the body. Therefore, it is a no-brainer that having low testosterone levels because of other reasons besides old age is a condition that should be taken seriously. The underlying text discusses 11 scientifically proven symptoms of low testosterone.

Difficulty Achieving Erection (Erectile Dysfunction)

One of the most important functions of testosterone in the body is to stimulate and maintain erections via the stimulation of the receptors in the brain. Therefore, if you have difficulty achieving erections before coitus or during the occasional periods, the first thing you should do is determine whether the cause is due to low levels of testosterone. Note, there are other causes of erectile dysfunction, so be wary of the cause first.

Low Semen Volume

Production of sperm goes hand-in-hand with semen, because semen maintains the sperms produced. A good indicator of low testosterone levels is production of semen in low volumes, which can be easily noted during ejaculation. Conversely, if you have high volumes of semen then your testosterone levels are within healthy limits.

Low Sex Drive

Sex drive is what gives men the urge to want to engage in sex, which is also a made possible by the hormone. Regardless of this, research has shown that different men have different sex drives, some having a lower sex drive as compared to others. This is due to the varying levels of testosterone in the body, but having a null sex drive should be a symptom of low testosterone.

Hair Loss

As was noted, the hormone promotes the growth of beards and facial hair, so if your levels start to plummet, then hair loss both on the face and on the head is imminent.

Fatigue & Lack of Energy 

Testosterone offers an extra “pump” of energy in men, even when not directly associated with libido and sex drive. It courses through the blood and the entire body system, promoting muscle and bone growth, hence giving the body strength and stamina. Low T levels in the body, therefore, would mean total lack of energy, thus feeling tired at all times; regardless of the amount of rest you get.

Loss of Muscle Mass

Due to its direct connection with muscles, running low on testosterone makes one feel less muscular than before. It is easy to notice the loss of muscle mass, and any attempt to build it back, for example, via weight lifting doesn’t have any positive outcome.

Decrease in Bone Mass

This goes without much explanation, since bone and muscle development is initiated by the right testosterone levels in the body. As bone mass decrements occurs in the body, men with low levels of the hormone are more susceptible to fractures.

Increase in Body Fat

If you experience muscle mass reduction, by default your body starts storing fat, especially around the tummy region. If it goes on, man boobs are also a frustrating symptom.

Mood Changes

Testosterone not only affects the physical aspects of the male body, it also influences the emotional side as well. Low levels of the hormone can have similar menopausal effects upon men as estrogen does upon women. Men with the condition tend to be stressed, depressed and irritable in addition to lack of focus.


This is part of the mood changes that occur once testosterone in men drops. More often than not, when this sets in, men tend to be grumpy and short-tempered all the time. Men who are irritable are mostly in denial about this change in mood.


Shrinkage has to do with the testicles. Having low testosterone can make the testicles reduce in size than before. Furthermore, they feel soft to the touch as compared to how they do normally.


Having low levels of testosterone can have serious effects leading to a frustrating lifestyle in men. Men with the condition have also been found to easily succumb to serious diseases. However, application of certain gels and use of pellets has been found to reverse low testosterone levels to the normal limits. Be wary on the above symptoms of low testosterone in order to know the right steps to take.