Supreme Garcinia Cambogia ReviewsSupreme Garcinia Cambogia reviews

Supreme Garcinia Cambogia is made out of Garcinia cambogia which is used as a natural supplement found mainly in Indonesia and also in various parts of Malaysia and India. The sour fruit with yellow color was used to control appetite from ancient times.

Company Behind Supreme Garcinia Cambogia

No information about the manufacturer are provided.

Supreme Garcinia Cambogia Claims

  • Supreme Garcinia Cambogia claims to be an effective natural medicine for Instant weight loss
  • Hydroxycitric acid is an important content in it. And it is known for weight loss if used alone or in combination with other dietary supplements.
  • Pure Garcinia is a natural supplement and has no side effects.
  • The supplement assures that Hydroxycitric acid reacts with the blood stream to increase serotonin levels, which halts fat building process.

These all are false beliefs and are not proven ones. One should either do proper study regarding the product and use or take it on advice from a recognized medical practitioner

How does Supreme Garcinia Cambogia Work?

The main component used Supreme Garcinia cambogia is Hydro citric acid (HCA), It reduces our appetite by increasing Serotonin levels.

Supreme Garcinia Cambogia Pros

  • decrease appetite
  • helps in lower LDL
  • stop weight gain.

Supreme Garcinia Cambogia Cons

  • 500 milligram of HCA, when taken more than three times, may cause
    • Dry Mouth
    • Headache
    • Stomach upset
    • gastrointestinal issues.
  • Together with anti-depressants may lead to serious issues of serotine

Supreme Garcinia Cambogia Result

There is no shortcut to success, similar is the case with weight gain/shed, you can never shed those weight that easy, even if give some result in starting, it is going to hurt one or the other part of the body. A warning has been written on the product site is to buy the product only under the supervision of a general practitioner.

Where to Buy Supreme Garcinia Cambogia?

The product is available from their official website.

Is Supreme Garcinia Cambogia a Scam?

Seeing the affiliate model website and kind of advertisement, it can possibly be a scam. Also on the website itself, it is mentioned that the product is not verified by FDA (Food and Drug Administration). It is also mentioned that the product is not supposed to cure any disease. Reading all together it completely looks like a scam.

Supreme Garcinia Cambogia Side effects

While tested under a mouse Garcinia cambogia extract caused testicular atrophy under continuous administration. May cause Liver damages too. Contents like potassium can cause an additive effect on continuous use.

Final Verdict

Obesity is a major problem in our modern world and some are utilizing it by giving non-tested medicines and other such things to obese people. We should be aware of such medicines. Always prefer Certified Medical Practitioner and follow their advice instead of going behind this kind of affiliate products.

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