Supple Supplement Review: Will it Help Arthritis or Weight Loss?

Supple Supplement Review: Will it Help Arthritis or Weight Loss?

Does Supple help arthritis pain? Supple® is a dietary supplement marketed on TV in the infomercial called “Smart Medicine”. As anSupple Supplement Review aside, the infomercial looks a lot like theLarry King Show. The host of the infomercial is Dr Monita Poudyal. The person she interviews is Peter Apatow, CEO of Supple Beverages. The Supple TV commercial looks impressive but does Supple work? Let’s now look at Supple, the claims made during the infomercial and see what can be determined.

Our #1 Choice For Joint Supplement – Joint Relief Solution

When it hurts to move, and you can’t sit another moment without grimacing pain, congratulations. You’ve joined the millions who live with the pain of arthritis, of whom 70 million live in the United States.

Arthritis is a broad term for the 100+ joint disorders characterized by inflammation. Over time, this process can wear away at cartilage � the rubber-like substance that covers the ends of your bones at the joints � to the point that there’s less of it to reduce the impact of your movement.

In some people, the cartilage is worn away completely so that the bones rub against each other. As well, it can stiffen and lose elasticity. This places greater strain on your ligaments and tendons, now absorbing movements they weren’t designed to take.

Joint Relief Solution is a natural supplement to help people sit and move in comfort. The ingredients have shown in repeated clinical studies to:

  • Relieve joint pain
  • Preserve joint function
  • Protect and possibly even reverse loss of cartilage

Not only that, two of the ingredients in Joint Relief Solution, glucosamine and chondroitin, are essential to healthy cartilage, yet they’re both lost with time, and there are no food sources for either of these natural compounds. You can ONLY get them with a dietary supplement!