Super Tricks for Easy Weight Loss

Super Tricks for Easy Weight Loss

There are many tips on how to lose weight. However, these methods are often extremely exhausting and long lasting. Diets can be very stressful and it is therefore very important to choose the easiest way, which is the least unpleasant and painful.

If you have a problem with excess weight, the only solution is to start exercising and, more importantly, to eat less. But there are also some small tricks that can help:

  • Drink water with lemon.
    Drink regularly, in the morning on an empty stomach, at least one glass of water with a little lemon. Metabolism in the body will be accelerated and you will burn an extra 20 calories.
  • Vanilla scent.
    The smell of vanilla activates hormone of happiness in the brain, almost like chocolate. Put on a handkerchief and inhale a few drops of vanilla oil. Optionally, you can inhale smell of apples or bananas.
  • Spices instead of salt.
    When preparing dishes use less salt and more spices. Salt retain water in the body and prevents the removal of toxins. Spices that make you slim are parsley and basil.
  • Cinnamon instead of sugar.
    Cinnamon kills the craving for sweets. Put pinch of cinnamon in yogurt or chew gum with cinnamon flavor.
  • Be careful what you eat in the evening.
    Unfortunately, you usually have attacks of uncontrolled food cravings at night, when you finally get home and relax. Exactly that is the easiest way to gain weight. It would be best to avoid eating at night, but if you cannot resist, make sure that you eat foods with less calories.
  • Do not deprive yourself of foods that you enjoy.
    Rather than completely giving up of what you love to eat, be moderate. Eat everything you like, but in smaller quantities.
  • Eat several small meals during the day.
    If you eat fewer calories than you burn, you will logically lose weight. But if you are constantly hungry, you will lose control easier. Researches show that the best way to lose excess pounds is that you have four or five small meals during the day, because you will not get into a situation to be too hungry, and at any time you will be able to control your appetite.
  • Each meal should contain protein.
    Protein keeps us satiated, more than carbohydrates or fats. Foods rich in protein help you preserve muscle mass and encourage fat burning. Therefore, you should frequently consume healthy protein-rich foods, such as seafood, lean meat, egg whites, yogurt, soy, nuts, and beans.
  • Fill your kitchen with healthy foods.
    If you have a fresh salad in the refrigerator, you will easier resist the desire to eat unhealthy foods. You should always have a package of frozen vegetables that you like, some cheese with a lower percentage of fat, yogurt, fruit.

Be patient

If it seems that you are losing weight slowly, do not be discouraged. It takes time to lose weight, it is important to be persistent.