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There was a time when “couch potato” referred to people who used to sit in a place for hours with no exercise and watch television all day long.

Although the Google definition sticks to this idea till today, yet, the reason to sit in a place for hours is no more only due to television addiction. In today’s world, machines have made man lazier by nature and almost all people, try to refrain from the slightest physical activity.

This has increased the number of people heading towards obesity by a huge margin. As usual, people have come up with a “short-cut” to lose weight and cut fat from the body by the use of weight loss diet pills such as Smart Trim Garcinia.

Company Behind Smart Trim Garcinia

The product is known by the name “Smart Trim Garcinia” and no information about its manufacturer is available on the internet.

Smart Trim Garcinia Claims

  • Suppresses the appetite of the individual, leading to lesser hunger cravings.
  • Uses all natural ingredients as its constituents.
  • Changes the mood levels for the better, thereby curbing signs of depression due to the person’s own unshapely body.
  • Increases the BMR of the individual.
  • Improves the rate of weight loss.
  • Eliminates unnecessary body fats and halts new fat production.

Smart Trim Garcinia Ingredients

The most important and primary element used is the fruit extracts from Garcinia cambogia. There is about 60% of HCA, i.e, Hydroxycitric Acid. Apart from this, Potassium and Chromium are also used as ingredients in this product.

How does Smart Trim Garcinia Work?

The high amount of HCA present boosts energy and suppresses appetite while at the same time, it burns a huge amount of fat.

This helps to maintain a higher rate of calories being burnt as compared to the calories being taken in, which is the basic healthy way to lose fat and attain a leaner figure.

Along with this, the potassium improves absorption of minerals and vitamins and proteins by the body, therefore leading to a stronger mass build up in place of the unhealthy fats that generally gets stored in all overweight person’s body.

Smart Trim Garcinia Pros

  • All natural ingredients.
  • Supplies the body with the very important minerals: potassium and chromium.

Smart Trim Garcinia Cons

  • No information about the manufacturer can be found on the internet.
  • Although scientific research does explain to some extent that Garcinia cambogia increases the metabolism in human beings, yet there lie no scientific evidence behind the claims that it “burns fats” and results in “weight loss”.
  • Scientific basis behind appetite loss due to consumption of pills made from Garcinia cambogia also does not exist.
  • No medical or monetary guarantee or warranty is provided by Smart Trim Garcinia.

Smart Trim Garcinia Results and Side Effects

Most reviews on online websites selling the product Smart Trim Garcinia range from mediocre to bad. Some also claim that they had severe health problems when the pills were consumed.

Side effects such as stomach irritation and stomach upsets, nausea, etc were also reported in some cases. In one such case, even dysentery was also reported. In almost all the cases, no prominent benefits or fulfillment of claims were reported.

Where to buy Smart Trim Garcinia?

It can be bought from official website.

Is Smart Trim Garcinia a Scam?

Although no positive reviews were given anywhere, basic internet research assures that it is not a scam.

Final Verdict

Smart Trim Garcinia should not be a choice of any smart person as far as product reviews and research goes. The company and manufacturer being unknown, reliability on the product is much of a gamble. Moreover, the claims of the product are too good to be real and the reviews by several customers assure that the product does not live up to the standards it sets for itself in the advertisements. Not a product to be recommended.

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