Slippery Stuff Review: Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients, Does it Work?

Slippery Stuff Review: Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients, Does it Work?

Slippery Stuff ReviewsSlippery Stuff

Optimal sexual satisfaction can vary greatly from person to person. For women, lubrication is a necessary precursor to a pleasurable experience. Slippery Stuff Gel Personal Lubricant can enhance a woman’s overall sexual experience by providing a water-based, glycerin-free lubrication.

Slippery Stuff has been around for more than two decades and is popular among its users. It comes in an 8 oz white bottle that looks polished and sleek, similar to other liquid or gel type products like shampoos and body wash.

Company behind Slippery Stuff

Slippery Stuff is manufactured and distributed by Wallace O’Farrell, a Washington-based company. Apart from Slippery Stuff, they also sell other fine products for females, such as massage oils, body creams, and pheromone colognes for both men and women.

Slippery Stuff Claims

The product is known among women of all ages who need aid in lubrication. Most users, though, are pre- and post-menopausal women. It claims to be:

  • Effective in lubricating the vaginal canal during intercourse or vibrator play
  • Useful in reducing vaginal dryness
  • Safe even with condom use
  • Glycerin-free and fragrance-free
  • Water-based

How does Slippery Stuff Work?

Women of all ages can experience some level of vaginal dryness. This can be a side effect of oral birth control and other medications, smoking, use of condoms, or menopause. Dryness could lead to uncomfortable and painful intercourse, or worse, can even abrade the vaginal wall.

Slippery Stuff aids in providing adequate lubrication with minimal risk of irritation because it is water-based and glycerin-free. You can apply it directly with your bare hands, or use a lubricant launcher, which basically works like a syringe.

Slippery Stuff Pros

Many women swear by the effectiveness of Slippery Stuff. Aside from being an effective gel lubricant, they find its packaging chic and sanitary, as it comes with a pump. Water-based lubricants can also prove to be more comfortable and efficient than silicone or oil. Other positive features include:

  • Paraben-free
  • Does not cause irritation
  • Affordable and available on most drugstores

Slippery Stuff Cons

Although it is one of the leading lubricants in the market, users still claim some issues that they have with the product, including:

  • It can get messy during application
  • It can irritate open wounds or lacerations
  • It dries quickly, thus needs to be often reapplied
  • It is sticky
  • It can stain the sheets

Slippery Stuff Result

Slippery Stuff Gel Personal Lubricant is indeed effective in reducing a woman’s dryness. It helps moisturize and lubricate with minimal risk of irritation because it is water-based and paraben-free. However, some users find it too sticky and dry up fast. When using this lubricant, test it for yourself if you will like its consistency and performance.

Where to buy Slippery Stuff?

Finding this lubricant is quite easy because Slippery Stuff is available at most drugstores and local pharmacies. You can also purchase the product online on Amazon, or on the Wallace O’Farrell website.

Is Slippery Stuff a Scam?

The quick answer is no. Slippery Stuff has been on the market for over twenty years, and it has established a loyal following. The company behind it, Wallace O’Farrell, is also a reputable brand for various products for women. You can buy this directly from their website or on Amazon.

Slippery Stuff Side Effects

While using lubricants are safe for the body, it is important to note the possible side effects of Slippery Stuff. The product can be useful in lubrication, but you have to make sure to apply it with clean hands or lubricant launcher to prevent possible irritation. Broken skin on or near the area may also be irritated when in contact with the product.

Final Verdict

Women’s sexual pleasure is dependent on several factors, and adequate moisture is a major one. Without enough lubrication, sexual intercourse may be uncomfortable and unsatisfying. Slippery Stuff Gel Personal Lubricant is an effective product to help females with lubrication. It is safe and easy to use and can be used alongside condoms. So if you are looking for some assistance in keeping your lady parts moist, whether for actual intercourse or through a vibrator, this product can work for you.