Slimina Review: Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients, Does it Work?

Slimina Review: Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients, Does it Work?

Slimina ReviewsSlimina reviews

Slimina is arguably a weight loss pill. A complete dosage requires a round of 30 capsules to culminate results. It allegedly causes weight by increasing the rate of metabolism, causing anorexia and supplements for energy, which is undoubtedly a lie to the unsuspecting customers. The capsule is consumed before breakfast once a day. The capsules are extracted from vegetable plants in china. It is for use for both men and women between 18 and 60 years of age.

Company Behind Slimina

The company behind Slimina is located in China. It is popularly known as The Slimina Company and claims their product has been tested by Guangzhou WanFeng Biotechnological Industry Limited. They also claim that it has passed Drug Certification and is factory-made by approved GMP.

Slimina Claims

  • Increase energy.
  • To have no side effects and are safe
  • Suppress appetite.
  • Reduce the rate of absorption of fats and eliminate and burn extra fats.
  • Delay onset of old age and promote healthier.

Slimina Ingredients

Slimina contains perilla leaf extract as its main ingredient at 80mg that contains vitamins C,B and E,selenium and oxygen dismutase.Its other ingredients are cassie seed extract at 35mg,rhizome alismatis at 50mg,tuchkahoe at 45 mg and oriental waterplantain.

How does Slimina work?

Slimina works by getting rid of unwanted free radicals produced during the process of metabolism, increasing bowel movements and defecation and plays a role in skin moistening to cheat old age.

The diuretic effect caused by the capsule causes frequent emptying of the bladder, aids in enhanced excretion and cleanses the intestinal tract by breaking down excessive fats from the body. It also lowers blood sugar levels.

Slimina Pros

  • Available worldwide and there is a discount for customers who buy in bulk
  • Lack ephedra, sibutramine and melamine which have serious bad effects.
  • Payments can be done online and they are not very expensive to purchase.

Slimina Cons

  • They cause palpitations.
  • They can cause dizziness, a heart attack, loss of consciousness.
  • They can be fatal.
  • They can result in neurological deficits leading to trial or transient paralysis.
  • There is no absolute trial done on the capsules or any assurance of safety.

Slimina Results

The side effects are by far much more than the benefits. They may cause weight loss but they may result in energy burst and breathing and heart problems. Results are alluded to be seen in 10 days.

Where to buy Slimina?

The capsules are sold online from the company’s website. They are shipped to your convenient location. Payments are also done online. Orders are made directly from their website.

Is Slimina a scam?

Their site is however legit and has a high rating and is safe to use. The capsules may be or may not be legit or safe to use.

Slimina Side effects

The drug causes de-personalization, increased thirst, a dry mouth, increased heart beats and even depression. They lead to a loss of weight which could result in malnutrition. They have also been associated with a lack of or deprivation of sleep.

Final Verdict

Natural ways of shedding off weight as recommended by doctors, nutritionists and health practitioners are safer and more advocated for use compared to Slimina which draws no clear line of safety. To safely lose weight use methods like drinking enough water, exercising regularly, doing away with junk food and consuming fruits and vegetables. Embrace a stress free life .Eat healthy and live healthy.

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