Shatter SX7 Review: Does it Really Work?

Shatter SX7 Review: Does it Really Work?

Shatter SX7 review

Shatter SX7 Overview

Maintaining a consistent and result-oriented workout routine is never an easy task. Whatever the motivation, a majority of those working out seek alternatives supplements to help them achieve their end goal- eliminating fat and getting in shape. Shatter SX 7 is one such pre-workout supplement with stimulating effects.

Company Behind Shatter SX7

Shatter SX7 is a product of Muscletech, a Research and Development Company based in the USA that has earned its reputation by producing quality products for the international market over time.

Shatter SX7 Ingredients

Basic ingredients; Ecklonia Cava from algae that increase insulin sensitivity, Beta-Alanine that boost muscle carnosine, caffeine for energy and focus, Myristica Fragrant for sensory enhancement, Holy Basil which contain acids associated with anti-tumor effects, Peak ATP compound that increase strength and muscle pumps, Grains of Paradise that burn fat and Nelumbo seed extract to facilitate endurance.

Advantages of Shatter SX 7

  • Has been clinically endorsed by several medical experts with recommendation given for the company being entirely open to its customers on product ingredients
  • Supports energy loss hence good for maintaining fat-free and good body shape.
  • No agitations associated with the product before, during and after workouts.

Disadvantages of Shatter SX 7

  • Has some side effects associated with it.
  • Extreme stimulant pre workout supplement and therefore, dosage should not exceed two servings.
  • Reviews on the product in Amazon shows some customers complain about its taste.
  • Some health and fitness experts claim that the too many ingredients used in the product may result in conflicting effects.
  • Assertions on Shatter SX 7
  • Increases fat-burn during workouts
  • Enhances fast recovery, increased strength and energy which enables one to practice longer during a workout.
  • Effective in promoting muscle endurance thus allowing for intensive training
  • Enhances lean muscle development when used regularly.

How Shatter SX7 work?

When taken in appropriate dosage (1-2 servings), the ingredients present in it increases performance by speeding blood flow, heartbeat, muscle sensitivity, enhancing focus and so on. For instance; caffeine provides a physical boost by upping strength and resistance during a workout. This enables one to lift more weights and longer workouts. The product precisely delays fatigue and instead increases reaction time and endurance.

Shatter SX7 Results

Takes approximately 10 minutes for the product to start working and gives magnificent results as seen by customers’ positive review.

Where to Buy Shatter SX7?

There are a number of international distributors that have been credited by the Muscletech Company for sale and distribution of the product and are available at Muscletech website. One can also order the product from online product dealers; Amazon and GNC.

Is Shatter SX7 a Scam?

The product is real. Muscletech is an internationally recognized company which has been in existence for more than a decade and is highly reputable in producing quality products. Buying products with Muscletech trademark will enable one experience clinically tested products. So, yes, the product is genuine. Not a scam!

Shatter SX7 side effects

Has high caffeine which is often associated with complications such as nausea; Hallucinations may result because of its beta-alanine component; High dosage interferes with sleep patterns. Though rare, rashes associated with pre workout supplements may result when there is an allergic reaction in the body.

Final Verdict

Well, having all this knowledge about Shatter SX7 should enable you to make informed decisions the next time you need a supplement to enhance your workout. No one can better tell about a product until he or she experiences it. So ignore the naysayers and read more on other supplements before making your own decision. Remember, it’s your life at stake. Good luck![crazy]