Roxylean Review: Does it Work? Side Effects, Scam, Results

Roxylean Review: Does it Work? Side Effects, Scam, Results

Roxylean ReviewsRoxylean

Roxylean is a supplement pill which burns fat in the body. It is used by regular folk and body builders too. In addition to that, it is a medi-biological supplement.

The product is available over the counter with no need for a subscription. It is also available in online stores.

Company behind Roxylean

Roxylean Roxylean is manufactured by a company known as BPI Sports which is located in Hollywood, Florida, USA. The product is manufactured for use by both men and women.

BPI Sports manufactured Roxylean to mimic the characteristics of the ECA stack from the 1990s.

Roxylean Claims

Roxylean claims to have a number of effects after consumption. They include:

  • An increased rate of metabolism
  • Appetite suppression
  • Quick fat burning capability
  • Better focus and clarity on a mental level
  • High levels of energy delivery with no crash afterwards

Roxylean Ingredients

Roxylean contains a variety of ingredients. To make it effective as a fat burning solution consumed one capsule at a time, its main ingredient is caffeine. It also contains a proprietary blend of extracts.

They are Adhatoda vasica leaf, Salix alba root extract, Rauwolfia serpentina root and Capsicum annum. Roxylean also contains B vitamins, ephedrine, niacin and thiamine. Furthermore, some inactive ingredients in its composition include titanium dioxide, gelatin and magnesium stearate.

How does Roxylean Work?

This supplement works by increasing your levels of energy. It also increases the metabolism in your body. This creates an effect known as thermogenesis which establishes a fat burning effect. The process is catalyzed by the caffeine content. These effects happen all at the same time due to the ECA blend in its ingredients.

Roxylean Pros

  • It provides energy for long hours due to the caffeine content
  • It reduces the intensity of your appetite thanks to thermogenesis
  • Your focus is sharpened and clarity of thought stimulated
  • The fat burning effect begins immediately after consumption

Roxylean Cons

  • It has very powerful caffeine content hence you should not consume any other caffeine drinks
  • It can cause nausea
  • Can cause headaches with no fat burning effect at all

Roxylean Results

According to testimonials posted in various online forums, Roxylean generally does not deliver the results that are promised. Many of the consumers complained of extreme side effects with no weight loss at all.

Where to buy Roxylean?

You can buy Roxylean in your local drug store as an over the counter supplement. You can also buy it online at or in

Is Roxylean a Scam?

By assessing the high numbers of negative consumer reports, Roxylean can be considered a scam. It promises effects similar to the ECA stack but does not deliver.

Roxylean Side effects

It causes extreme high body temperatures. Roxylean also causes dizziness and swelling in the body. It can cause shakes, high blood pressure and trouble with thought processing.

Final Verdict

Roxylean is marketed as one of the most effective fat burning supplements today. It is targeted at active individuals and body builders. Despite the claims made by its manufacturer, Roxylean is ineffective. It is also dangerous to your health.

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