Ripped Edge ReviewRipped Edge

Ripped Edge is a supplement formulated to enhance fat burning, energizing and mental concentration and focus during exercise for body building. The aim for creation of this product is to enhance body building by motivation of the human body which is bound to slacken due to fatigue or lose of focus.

Company Behind Ripped Edge
Bio-Engineered Supplements and Nutrition, BSN,is the company behind the manufacturing of Ripped Edge. The company is based in Florida at Boca Raton and it has created a niche in manufacturing supplements and nutrition for well-being of its customers especially in sports and bodybuilding.
Ripped Edge Claims

The following are the claims attributed to Ripped Edge supplement:

  • The company claims that the supplement gives stamina and focus when training.
  • It also claims that the product is the most affordable in the market in terms of energy-boost supplements
  • There also claims that the supplement increases metabolism hence increasing chances of attaining a lean body.
  • Finally the product boasts of not having unwanted and severe side effects.
Ripped Edge Ingredients

The ingredients used in the product are, caffeine which is aimed at increasing focus, green tea extract is the other ingredient. This one is used to enhance lose of fat by increasing metabolism. Only a small amount is used due to the dangerous effects of using too much green tea extract. The other important ingredient is L-Carnitine which works to convert fat into energy usable during exercise. The final but not least important ingredients are Citicoline and Cynephrine. These function to boost focus and energy consecutively.

How does Ripped Edge Work?

Ripped Edge supplement works by increasing metabolism in the body, this way stored fat is converted into energy which is the used to boost stamina during workouts and from the fat burned, lead to faster building of muscles hence, a lean body.

Ripped Edge Pros

  • The product uses different ways to achieve desired results
  • Few to no chemical is used in the product, all ingredients are natural.
  • The supplement is in capsule for hence can be easily taken with water or other drinks.

Ripped Edge Cons

  • Poor servings since only two capsules can be taken a day.
  • Due to the low servings, the energy and effect only lasts 4-5 hours.
  • Some of the ingredients are ineffective and some like green tea extracts are dangerous if abused.
  • Side effects like lack of sleep.

Ripped Edge Results

The results of intake of Ripped Edge which are a boost in energy can be felt immediately, however some results like reduction of body fat are expected with time.

Where to buy Ripped Edge?

BSN products including Ripped Edge can be bought from the company itself or its stores. One can also get the supplement from stores the sell sports nutrition supplements. A bottle of Ripped Edge contacts 90 capsules and is sold at approximately $40.

Is Ripped Edge a Scam?

Ripped Edge is a legit product. It however does not give the results in claims to give in a short period of time. It needs patience and dedication to achieve the results it so boasts of.

Ripped Edge Side Effects

The main side effect observed to be caused by Ripped Edge supplement is lack of sleep this is because of the high amount of caffeine in the product.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Ripped Edge may boast of giving great results and in a short period of time, this is however not true and is more likely to work in theory than practically.

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