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A variety of techniques have been used for enlarging the human penis. Generally the techniques involved stretching, elongation by small weights or by using the blood flow or blood pressure inside the penis. Apart from these one can also use pills. Rexazyte is a penis enlargement pill used to increase the penis size, functions and it’s performance. It says to enable pleasurable sexual moments with your partner. It also says to enhances testosterone level. It is sold in capsules and can be found online in their original website.

Company Behind RexaZyte

The product is manufactured by an US based company named Cybex Biotech, which has observed standard manufacturing practices. It is available online by the brands name. The company doesn’t guarantee customer satisfaction and there is no money back guarantee.

RexaZyte Claims

The company provides various claims. These are not true. If it would have been that easy there would not be the doctors in the first place. The claims are:

  • “You will notice bigger, harder and longer erections”
  • “Faster erections, without the fear of dysfunctions”
  • “Faster recovery times between sexual sessions and will have more sex”
  • “Longer, thicker and more masculine penis”

RexaZyte Ingredients

As per the bottle these are the ingredients,

  • Tribulus Terrestris is the key stimulating ingredient. It has a high testosterone boosting properties and the potent hormone extract, L-Arginine helps in the rapid expansion of the penis.
  • L-Citrulline is a natural amino acid found in our body is also present here. It acts as a transporting agent by opening up two chambers of the penis helping other targeted ingredients to go deep into the tiny capillaries ensuring maximum impact on size and hardness.
  • Long Jack is a powerful sexual stimulant found in Asia having the ability to enhance sexual vitality properties in males.
  • Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate releases nitric acid which in turn cause vasodilation in the penis allowing greater blood flow making the penis harder, wider and stronger.
  • Tribulus Aquaticus works similarly like Tribulus Terrestris by boosting testosterone but in a different pathway. Along with Tribulus Terrestris it forms the “Dynamic Duo” amplifying size and hardness of the penis.

How does RexaZyte Work?

A penis resembles a balloon that inflates when blood enters it. Although it sounds pretty similar, but there are three factors that should also increase for making the penis erect. They are the hormones, libido and the blood flow. Rexazyte is not made by combining the right ratio of the above ingredients. At first to promote better blood flow the atrial wall are expanded. Then the nitric oxide levels are increased by the high-concentrated amino acids which causes vasodilation. The formula combines vasodilators with aphrodisiacs increasing the testosterone in the body. The brain then gets the green light to send more blood and thereby effectively enlarging the corpus cavernosum chamber of the penis. But it’s not that easy. The drugs cause side effects and renders important medicines inert. It also make people sick.

RexaZyte Pros

  • It enhances testosterone level.
  • It helps your penis to get a harder and stronger erections.
  • It increases the size of the penis and it’s thickness.

RexaZyte Cons

  • Not available offline.
  • The dosages of ingredients used are not given.
  • Results are permanent and damaging.
  • Product is a fraud.
  • Associated with side effects and drug interactions.

RexaZyte Results

It is a male enhancement supplement increasing the erection size and strength. When taken daily on empty stomach, does not help participants reach a high testosterone level which is a sign of erection size increase. Men will neither notice any effect nor any change in their sexual life. It has side effects and is associated with drug interactions with other useful drugs rendering the useful ones inert.

Where to buy RexaZyte?

The product is only available online. There is no offline mode of buying it. It will cost around $25-$45 a bottle.

Is RexaZyte a Scam?

Buying medicine online raises a doubt whether the product is genuine or not. People fear scams and therefore hesitate to buy medicines online. Yes. Rexazyte is a scam. One can find a counterfeit version sold at and eBay.

RexaZyte Side effects

SEveryone wants to know the safety profile of a supplement before taking it. Rexazyte is not 100% natural and safe. It doesn’t contain safe and natural ingredients in their purest form. It is associated with side effects. Thereby people should not buy and use the product. It’s not a pure science product. It is also associated with drug interactions with other useful drugs rendering the useful ones inert.

Final Verdict

Sexual life is an important issue. It’s a major concern too. Sexual life depends on the size and performance of the penis. Many men are having difficulty in admitting their sexual tensions. Rexazyte does not provides the solution to the problem. “You don’t have to see a doctor” is written but this product will harm the user. This supplement is available online and is not natural and safe. It doesn’t improves the sexual life and sexual confidence making your penis hard and erect. There are other products that claims to work similar to this one but all these products are fraud.So don’t trust these medicines. Go to a qualified doctor. Spend at least some money but at least it will improve your health. Do not compromise with your health.

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