Revolyn Ultra ReviewsRevolyn Ultra reviews

Revolyn Ultra is a supplement meant to help users in losing weight. It combines a variety of ingredients that the manufactures intends to use in regulation of calories. However, despite the products being on sale, there are raising concerns on the functionality of the formula and its intended use.

Company Behind Revolyn Ultra

Avilan Marketing LLC is the owner of the supplement. Although not much about this manufacturer is known, the reception in the UK market creates mixed concerns about the supplement.

Revolyn Ultra Claims

  • Revolyn Ultra can burn fat and boost energy levels
  • The formula has proven results with continued consumption
  • The manufacturer provides full-refund services for customers who want to return the product
  • It is an affordable weight loss supplement at $39.95

Revolyn Ultra Ingredients

Revolyn Ultra combines a number of functional ingredients including green tea, Resveratrol, pomegranate and Siberia Ginseng extracts, guarana and Yerba Mate. The formulation of these ingredients by percentage compositions poses another concern on the effectiveness of the supplement in weight loss.

How Does Revolyn Ultra Work?

Siberian ginseng and Resveratrol serve to relieve the body of stress and toxin through the antioxidant properties. Guarana and green tea are stimulants whose work is to increase energy metabolism. The inclusion of Yerba Mate is to improve on cardiac health. However, the manufacturer provides no scientific backup of the effectiveness of combining these ingredients to reduce the weight of the consumers. With daily consumption, the expected results are reduction in accumulated body fat. However, most users have raised concerns of no positive results, in terms of losing weight.

Revolyn Ultra Pros

  • Use of natural ingredients which reduces risk of adverse side effects
  • Increase in energy metabolism due to stimulants present
  • Easily available form, most of the common online stores
  • Useful for both men and women

Revolyn Ultra Cons

  • No scientific evidence to prove of method if action
  • Inadequate product and Company’s information
  • Adverse side effects such as blood pressure
  • Unreliable product formulation in relation to its use in weight loss
  • Use of fake customer reviews, a sentiment proven by a number of customers

Is Revolyn Ultra a Scam?

Although Revolyn Ultra uses ingredients that can help in weight reduction, the formula has no scientific backup. This means that the product provides no proof that the claims stated are true. In addition, the genuine customer reviews reveal that the supplement does not work as the manufacturer claims it does.

Revolyn Ultra Side Effects

On consumption, users have complained of drowsiness and headaches. With continued use, users have complained of increased pulse rates, muscle sperms and high blood pressure. Loss of memory and palpitations are also among the reviews from customers who have used the product. The adversities of these effects depend on how the body responds to the product formula.

Where to Buy Revolyn Ultra?

This supplement is available on the Company’s website selling at an average of $39.95. However, buyers can also access this product from designated online stores such as Amazon and eBay. In each, delivery costs may apply depending on the stated terms and conditions.

Final Verdict

Revolyn Ultra as a supplement meant for weight loss, has no proven fact that it works as stated. Although the individual ingredients may have fat burning effects, the combination to make this formula has no scientific basis. Finally, the possible side effects make it unsuitable for the highly sensitive population.

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