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Do you want a supplement that will help you lose weight by burning all the excess fat in your body? Do you know that not all supplement help users achieve their fitness goals? If you wish to know about this ineffective natural weight loss supplement, then continue reading this article for more information.

Regal Forskolin is a supplement that claims to help users to shed weight naturally by burning their excess fat and converting them to energy. But does this supplement really work? This article will provide all the evidence to show that the supplement does not provide results to its consumers

Manufacturer Information

There is no information about which company produces Regal Forskolin supplement.

Regal Forskolin Claims

The supplement claims to offer the following benefits to its consumers as listed below:

  • It improves the metabolism of your body
  • It helps to curb your cravings by suppressing your appetite
  • It helps to burn all the excess fats in your body
  • It is safe since it is manufactured using natural ingredients

Regal Forskolin Ingredients

There are two active ingredients that are used to produce this supplement as discussed below;

  • Garcinia Cambogia– This is one of the powerful ingredients that contain Hydroxycitric Acid. This acid makes it possible for your body to produce enzymes that convert glucose to fat.
  • Green Coffee Beans– This is the ingredient that suppresses your appetite and thus curbs all your food cravings. It is known to reduce blood pressure to its consumers.

How does Regal Forskolin Work?

The supplement works by suppressing the appetite of the users which means they eat less food than before. This helps to reduce any weight gain and aids in helping them lose weight.

Regal forskolin facilitates the burning of the excess body fats that increase weight in your body. The energy obtained when fat is burned is returned to your body to increase metabolism.

Regal Forskolin Pros

  • It improves the digestion system
  • It promotes burning of excess body fats

Regal Forskolin Cons

  • The real manufacturer of this supplement is still anonymous
  • It can only be purchased online
  • It is not approved by the FDA
  • There is positive customer review on their website

Regal Forskolin Results

From my experience, I can confess that the supplement does provide any tangible results to its users.

Where to buy Regal Forskolin?

Consumers who want to purchase Regal Forskolin supplement can do so by ordering it through the official website of the supplement.

Is Regal Forskolin a Scam?

Having used the supplement for more than 2 years, I can say that the Regal Forskolin supplement is a Pure SCAM since it does provide tangible results to consumers as it promises on its adverts.

Regal Forskolin Side Effects

There are no side effects that have been reported by consumers about this supplement.


Regal Forskolin is a natural supplement that cannot help you achieve your fitness goals. It can neither boost your metabolism nor help your body burn excess fats. Therefore, avoid buying this supplement if you want to shed extra weight.

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