Refresh Garcinia Reviewsrefresh garcinia reviews

Refresh Garcinia is a product meant for weight loss.It’s made from a fruit called garcinia cambogia that grows in Asia. It has, until recently, been used for cooking.
A number of scientific research that has been done on it,with the findings being mixed and unclear. No study has given satisfactory finding on efficacy and safety of the product.

What is Refresh Garcinia?

Refresh Garcinia is a supplement that has hydroxycitric acid as a major ingredient.It’s made from garcinia tree that grows majorly in Asia.The fruit rind of this tree is rich in hydroxycitric acid, the primary active ingredient.

Who manufactures Refresh Garcinia?

Information about the manufacturers of this supplement remains scanty.

Refresh Garcinia Claims

However, there are a number of claims on the product including;

  • Has an effect of making an individual full.Research has failed to substantiate this claim. Although some of the studies on rodents were positive,there are no successful studies in human beings.
  • It increases metabolism.There exist some evidence that Refresh Garcinia increases lipid metabolism in rodents and human beings.Most of the studies are however inconclusive.
  • Refresh Garcinia helps in lowering the body weight.Studies has shown that their is no significant contribution of garcinia alone to reduce body weight.
  • Its safe for long term use.
  • No study has been performed beyond 12 weeks.There is therefore no conclusive evidence to show the safety of garcinia over long term use.

How does Refresh Garcinia Work?

Refresh Garcinia’s levels of hydroxycitric acid are responsible for it’s work.The organic acid works by reducing appetite for an individual which results to reduced food intake.This forces the body to resort to metabolizing lipids to acquire energy.The acid targets serotonin that is responsible for appetite, making the individual lack the urge to eat.As the body resorts to fat metabolism,the fat stores in the body are reduced and the net effect is lean body muscles.

Refresh Garcinia Pros

Advantages of using Refresh Garcinia

  • The capsules formulation is easier for compliance.
  • The body fats are metabolized fast

Refresh Garcinia Cons

Refresh Garcinia Disadvantages

  • There are no conclusive studies to show that Refresh Garcinia help in weight loss
  • The capsules formulation are expensive yet no assurance of weight loss
  • The long term effect of use of Refresh Garcinia has not been investigated.
  • There have been reported side effects some of which are severe.

Refresh Garcinia Side Effects

Reported side effects include;

  • Dizziness
  • Flatulence.
  • May progress to diarrhea
  • High doses of garcinia causes testicular atrophy in rodents.
  • Drying of the mouth

Where to Buy Refresh Garcinia?

The official website is the best place but its hard to find the site.

Final Verdict

There has been a lot of hype in social sites about Refresh Garcinia and its ability to help in weight loss.However,the discussion has not involved the side effects of this product which sometimes are severe. You are struggling to loss weight,right? It doesn’t matter how desperate you are,use healthy methods of weight loss.

Do not gamble with your body,loss weight in healthy ways.

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