Re1gn Review: Does it Work? Side Effects, Results, Scam

Re1gn Review: Does it Work? Side Effects, Results, Scam

Re1gn ReviewsRe1gn

The world of fitness is not short of workout aids with there being numerous alternatives in the market. While some are good, others honestly aren’t even worth the bottle they are packed in.

In the spirit of shaming those that do not work and are simply peddled as an unscrupulous means to cash in by prying on the vulnerable, we shall be putting re1gn under the microscope.

Who is the Company Behind Re1gn?

Re1gn is the product of the supplement company Olympus Labs. The institution might be responsible for a host of great products, however, once in a while they tend to ride the fame of their reputation to cover the failings of a new supplement.

And re1gn is quite frankly in the category of a failed product thriving on past glories of its predecessors.

Re1gn Claims

The product has quite a number of unsubstantiated claims which include:

  • It guarantees more pumps which, in turn, is believed to build up endurance for longer workouts.
  • It improves the mental frame of being leading to enhanced concentration and focus enabling the user to get the most out of each workout session
  • It increases energy levels because of caffeine elements within re1gn

Re1gn Ingredients

The product utilizes a host of essential elements as follows:

  • Agmatine sulfate: The ingredient is said to be an avid nitric oxide booster.
  • L-Citrulline: It is the ingredient alleged to be responsible for the pump effect achieved by boosting the amounts of nitric oxide in the bloodstream.
  • Vaso6: an oligomer that they say serves to improve blood circulation by easing and stimulating the vasodilation process
  • Pomegranate powder: It is primarily an antioxidant
  • Julgans Regia extract and Eria Jarensis: The latter is thought to give the user that euphoric sensation

How does Re1gn Work?

Re1gn serves to ensure that the body stocks up on energy by triggering rapid glucose distribution to the respiring muscles targeted by intense workouts.

Also, it improves task concentration, stimulates blood flow and builds endurance to enable the user to undertake a fruitful and effective workout routine. All these are achieved through the action of two essential compounds i.e. creatine and caffeine.

Re1gn Pros

  • Re1gn serves to counteract the effects of illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease and sickle cell anemia.
  • The supplement has been shown to mitigate side effects that come with intense cancer treatment procedures like chemotherapy.
  • The product helps speed up muscle recovery by enhancing glucose distribution to the tissues of the skeletal muscles.

Re1gn Cons

Here’s the price to pay if you venture down this path of supplementary aid:

  • It can be the cause of skin irritation
  • It can lead to persistent respiratory complications
  • Re1gn can cause throbbing headaches, occasional nausea and vomiting.
  • The supplement interferes with sleep patterns and could instigate insomnia.
  • Re1gn could lead to kidney trouble
  • It can also cause nervousness, cramps and even trigger weight gain.

Re1gn Results

Olympus Labs has devised quite a neat trick to dupe unsuspecting buyers as the website is filled with positive reviews about similar products but not the actual product itself. Re1gn reviews are hard to come by which begs the question why that is so. Well, it’s probably because of the supplement’s ineffectiveness.

Where to buy Re1gnn?

If you are of the school of thought that seeing truly is believing, then you can purchase the supplement on the official Olympus Labs website. In the long run, however, you are bound to realize one eventuality; the product achieves none of the objectives it promises.

Is Re1gn a Scam?

Going by previous history it would be hard to believe so, but the bare truth is re1gn is actually a scam. A scam is defined as offering a product that offers no return to the buyer while taking money in return.

So yes, re1gn is definitely a fraud; it takes money in exchange for a beautiful Olympus cover story but nothing else in the way of bodybuilding. It meets all the criteria of a fraudulent scheme; false promises, intent to deceive and ineffectiveness.

Re1gn Side Effects

Re1gn incorporates two essential ingredients i.e. caffeine and creatine which tend to increase urine production beyond the average rate leading to dehydration in the long while.

Moreover, the two elements directly influence blood pressure and cause a spike in pressure before every workout. In the end, this could result in a condition of high blood pressure.

Final Verdict

Re1gn propagates the notion of turning ordinary people into demigods. However, just like the Greek mythologies the supplement is founded upon, Re1gn’s prowess is as fictional as it gets. The product doesn’t go any way in fulfilling your workout goals.

Therefore, stay away lest you find yourself cursing your luck after weeks of use. The only thing magical about this drug seems to be making money disappear out of your pocket with nothing to show for it. In a nutshell, re1gn doesn’t work.

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