Raspberry Ketone Plus Review: Does it Really Work?

Raspberry Ketone Plus Review: Does it Really Work?

What is Raspberry Ketone Plus?Raspberry-Ketone-Plus- review

Many a pharma company has identified the trend that there is no dearth of customers who wants to lose weight and burn the extra fat in their body, but only a few of them want to do the same following the hard way – i.e. strict diet and physical routine. Therefore, in order to cater to the segment, Raspberry Ketone plus has been launched which claims to be one of the most effective and prompt in reducing weight.

Company behind Raspberry Ketone Plus

This best in class weight loss supplement has been launched by Az Naturals which aims to enable customers to lose weight in no time following the normal diet and work-life routine.

Raspberry Ketone Plus Claims

The Raspberry Ketone plus has been trending since its inception as a weight loss supplements and claims to be one of the hottest weight loss supplements in the market. Its claims include:-

  1. Prevent over weight of customers by inhibiting the production of fat
  2. 8 super ingredients in the making of the product

Raspberry Ketone Plus Ingredients

As the name of the supplement suggests the main ingredient of Raspberry Ketone plus is nothing but Raspberry Ketone. Apart from that, it also contains other ingredients which act as an anti-oxidant:-

  1. African Mango extract (36:1 extract)
  2. Green tea extract (25 mg)
  3. Grapefruit pectin (25 mg)
  4. Caffeine (25 mg)
  5. Kelp (25 mg)
  6. Resveratrol (10 mg)

How Does Raspberry Ketone Plus Work?

All the super ingredients which go in the making of the product are high in anti-oxidant which promotes burning of fat. Raspberry Ketone helps in the maintenance of glucose levels of the body, and promote active metabolism. On the other hand, green tea extract boosts energy levels. Kelp boosts and enhances thyroid activity which in turn promotes healthy metabolism. Also, the presence of caffeine helps in enhancing metabolic rate and increased energy levels.

Raspberry Ketone Plus Pros

Raspberry Ketone plus have a lot of pluses which goes forward in branding the product:-

  1. Complete transparency in the ingredients as well as the proportion of the same in the making of the product
  2. Vegetable friendly capsules which can be consumed by all type of people
  3. Contains Raspberry Ketone as a major product which is an effective anti-oxidant

Raspberry Ketone Plus Cons

Although the product is blessed with quality ingredients which makes the supplement, but experts say that the proportion of the ingredients especially the green tea extracts and the acai berry extracts are too low to have an impact in the metabolism of the human body.

The supplement is expensive, with a stringent money back guarantee.

Where to Buy Raspberry Ketone Plus?

Interested customers of the weight loss supplement can obtain the product by placing an online order from the evolution slimming web site which provides many popular diet pills to customers from across the globe. The product costs 47 dollars but better offer can be obtained by purchasing 2 or 3 month offers.


Is Raspberry Ketone Plus a Scam?

Given the nature and depth of information provided on the ingredients and the proportion of the same, and also the growing number of raspberry supplements indicates that the product is not a scam. However, from the very look of it, the multiple ingredients which go to the making of the product looks insufficient to have a considerable impact.

Raspberry Ketone Plus Side Effects

The usage of green tea extracts and caffeine is associated with certain side effects especially in the digestive system, as they stimulate the metabolic rate of the body. However, owing to its minimal proportion in the weight loss supplement, there are low chances of showing any side effects. Moreover, there has been no such customer reviews as well.

Final Verdict

Research has proved the correlation between the fat percentage of the body and the level of Adiponectin hormone content in the body. And, raspberry ketone has proved to have a positive impact on extraction of the hormone. Therefore, scientifically is an effective fat burner. However, the proportion of certain key ingredients in the product is extremely low which dilutes its claim as a multi-ingredient supplement.

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