Pro Test 180 Review: Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients, Does it Work?

Pro Test 180 Review: Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients, Does it Work?

Pro Test 180Pro Test 180 Reviews

Pro Test 180 is yet another supplement made by man with the aim of curing sexual disorders while improving muscle growth. There isn’t a shortage of such products in the market, however, most of them tend to be the chaff among the wheat. Today we cast our microscopic eye at Pro Test 180 to determine which category it falls into.

Company Behind Pro Test 180

The makers of the drug have implored plenty of strategies to safeguard their anonymity; a worrying sign that is a clear indication of foul play. They do not sell their products directly however they implore a number of smoke screen websites to do so.

Pro Test 180 Claims

Pro test 180 purports to do a lot of things without any proper scientific backing and these include:

  • It alleviates the problem of erectile dysfunction entirely
  • It promises over the top and longer lasting erections
  • It somehow enhances the overall size of the male genital
  • It will turn you into a “real man” with a ravaging lust for the bedroom

Pro Test 180 Ingredients

Here is a breakdown of the elements the drug encompasses:

  • Minerals e.g sodium and vitamins like vtamin C, which are no doubt good for your body, but have no effect the drug’s intended purpose.
  • Horny goat weed
  • Nettle root extract for boosting sexual stamina and power
  • L-arginine; an amino acid said to improve the flow of blood in and around the penis.
  • Saw palmetto extract that is believed to help in keeping testosterone levels balanced.
    Longan extract.

How does Pro Test 180 Work?

Once the ingredients of Pro Test 180 assimilate into the blood stream, they stimulate the blood vessels for faster and more powerful circulation of blood. This is achieved through the action of Nitric Oxide.

Eventually, the ingredients get to the hypothalamus and pituitary glands where they trigger the increased secretion of testosterone. The hormone is responsible for muscular regeneration and generally libido.

Pro Test 180 Pros

  • Increased sexual endurance brought about by a heightened energy level which also increases the overall body strength.
  • It works to trigger sensations of sexual intercourse by increasing your body’s overall libido
  • Improve circulation of blood as a result of vessel dilation caused by the nitric acid; and this, in the long run, results in quicker muscle recovery

Pro Test 180 Cons

  • Extended use could result in the occasional nose bleeds in the long run
  • You are bound to experience spells of dizziness
  • You may experience headaches and migraines
  • Eye sight is at risk of impairment as Pro Test 180 causes blurry vision
  • It may interfere with your normal skin tone due to reddening of certain areas of the body
  • Priapism is also a probable scenario i.e. erections that last extraordinarily longer than usual

Pro Test 180 Results

You only need to scratch the surface to encounter reviews heaping praise upon Pro Test 180. Problem is the credibility of such “happy” customers are virtually nonexistent; proof of a popular ploy by dubious manufacturers who hire people to give false positive reviews with the hope of luring in unsuspecting victims. So be wary!

Where to buy Pro Test 180?

If, despite the glaring red flags that Pro Test 180 doesn’t work, you still want to try it out. You can get yourself a bottle on or the testosterone booster website. Alternatively, you could get in touch with the creators through the email or phone number provided on either of the sites mentioned above.

Is Pro Test 180 a scam?

All the evidence points towards Pro Test 180 being a scam. The product isn’t available on straightforward channels like Amazon and the company behind it seems to be operating from the shadows so as to avoid the burden of responsibility in case it doesn’t work; which I most certainly assure you is the case.

Pro Test 180 Side effects

Pro Test 180 interferes with the normal working of the blood circulatory system by triggering increased flow of blood. This might prove a burden too much to bear for the human heart and may therefore result in muscular stress in the said area. In the long, run your heart could give out entirely leading to a heart attack.

Final Verdict

Pro Test 180 certainly proves to fall under the chaff in the wheat category; it delivers a glorious talk however it cannot walk the distance to match. The product is one of the many fraudulent supplements in the market that preys on the insecurities brought by a man’s fragile character. Therefore, shelve any ideas of even trying it out, as it is bound to be a waste of your money and time.