pro-muscle-fitPro Muscle Fit Product Review

Pro Muscle Fit is an amino acid supplement that is meant to aid in the absorption of protein, leading to a leaner body. Amino acids are important in body building as they help your muscles stay supplied with enough oxygen and other nutrients, including vitamins, throughout your workout, leading to better and healthier results.

Pro Muscle Fit Company

The company is offering the supplement as a free trial. However, the free trial will automatically bill the customer for the next cycle if it is not canceled in time, leading to a charge of around $80.

Pro Muscle Fit Claims

The pill comes with a lot of claims, including:

  • Boosted nitric oxide production to help against the drop in levels after a workout.
  • A huge increase in both energy and power to help with a better workout.
  • A larger amount of muscle growth than without the supplement.
  • Decreased amount of time needed for proper recovery.

Pro Muscle Fit Ingredients

The supplement is created with an L-Arginine blend that could be anything. The lack of clarity on the exact ingredients is a bit concerning. Listed ingredients include:

  • A-AKG Arginine
  • OKG Ornithine
  • A-KIC Arginine Ketoisocaproate
  • GKG Glutamine

How Does Pro Muscle Fit Work?

The supplement claims to work by using a bigger range of different amino acids as other supplements. The amino acids help recovery time and to encourage the growth of muscle fibers. However, the blend aspect of the pills makes for a much weaker supplement. Theoretically, the amino acids work to repair, build, and even strengthen the muscles before and after working out.

Pro Muscle Fit Pros

  • Completely natural.
  • Comes with some healthy amino acids.

Pro Muscle Fit Cons

  • Weaker results than promised.
  • Free trial charges if not canceled in time.
  • Exact ingredients are not disclosed.
  • Exact dosage of ingredients not disclosed.

Pro Muscle Fit Results

The pill does not promise results until the product has been used for at least two or three months both before and after work outs. Of course, some results will happen if a person is working out, but it is unlikely results are due to the use of the supplement.

Is Pro Muscle Fit a Scam?

There are definitely parts of the product that seem to be a scam. The ingredients and their dose are not included and accidentally being charged for one or more bottles is part of the free trial business model.

Pro Muscle Fit Side Effects

It does appear to be safe to use. In fact, dosage is recommended to be daily for the best results. However, it is highly recommended to consult with a doctor before use. Side effects seem to be limited if there are any at all due to the natural formula.

Final Verdict

Overall, this product is not what it promises to be. Even further, the model for the free trial nearly guarantees people will be charged for the second bottle. While the option to try it out first is nice, the fact that there is no way to get a free trial without billing information is problematic. The lack of information on exact ingredients and doses is also concerning.