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Phenta XT Review: Side Effects, Ingredients, Scam, Results, Does it Work?

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Phenta XT ReviewsPhenta XT reviews

Phenta XT is well known as a 12-hour formula. It is known to increase the metabolic rate, provide energy as well as curb appetite. It is marketed as an over counter fat burner and has supplements which work almost well based on synephrine which is Phenta XT main ingredient. Overweight adults may lose 6 to 12 pounds within a week’s time, but the overall result is seen after 3 months.

Company behind Phenta XT

The company which manufactures Phenta XT is called GeneTechPharma Labs. The company released this weight-loss formula in the year 2016. The supplement can be taken without any prescription and can help in improving mood and focus as well.

Phenta XT Claims

  • It is claimed that Phenta XT helps in balancing someone’s moods, increase motivation as well as relief stress
  • It is claimed that the product can improve the cognitive function by improving the delivery of chorine
  • It is claimed that the product prevents the absorption of fat in the body
  • It is claimed that the supplement helps in boosting the production of serotonin as well as giving better sleeping ways

Phenta XT Ingredients

Phentan XT has various ingredients such as caffeine anhydrous which promotes energy and metabolism levels, vitamin B 12 and vitamin B6, cocoa bean extract which lowers blood pressure, green tea extract which act as anti-oxidant, synephrine which increase focus rates, hoodia gordoni which curb emotional eating, octopamine, phenylethylamine,octopamine which increase metabolism levels, as well as the alpha GPC which improves the cognitive function.

How does Phenta XT Work?

Phenta XT is a strong appetite pill that works by helping you lose weight in a quick way. The key purpose of this product is giving you extra energy as well as helping you in curbing cravings so that users can have a lean muscle weight or cut weight in a fast way. The product also works well in boosting the rates of metabolism as well as accelerating the calories.

Phenta XT Pros

  • it promotes and boosts a good feeling while sleeping, increases the human metabolism rate as well as increase fat burning rate
  • the product boost the production of carnosine for the growth of tissue muscle as well as increasing thermogenesis effect for the breakdown of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats into energy
  • lowers mental degradation

Phenta XT Cons

  • the product does not clearly state whether they give any money back guarantee in case the supplement does not work
  • the product is relatively costly
  • it can cause low sex drive to some people
  • you might buy a fake product if you are not careful enough while purchasing, therefore, make sure you buy from a legitimate dealer
  • the product lacks enough information

Phenta XT Results

Overweight adults may lose 6 to 12 pounds within a week, but the overall results are seen after 3 to 4 months.

Where to buy Phenta XT?

Phenta XT is an over counter product and can be available online or in the nearby pharmacy. Order online for you to get an appropriate weight loss. It is easily available despite its high cost.

Is Phenta XT a Scam?

Phenta XT pills are easy to take and use anywhere although that does not explain whether the product is a scam or not. The product is effective; however, it still contains a dangerous ingredient combination which gives several side effects to the users.

Phenta XT Side Effects

Phenta XT has various side effects because we can see some users saying they have low libido and sex drive after taking the pill. Others also have dizziness and headaches followed by continuous sweating.

Final Verdict

Even if Phenta XT have safe ingredients which help you in weight loss, it is important to know that the product has no clear information and it is still new in the market. Therefore it is recommended that you keep away from Phenta XT and purchase other affordable and trusted alternatives weight loss supplements.

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