P6 Ripped Review: Side Effects, Scam, Does it Work? Results

P6 Ripped Review: Side Effects, Scam, Does it Work? Results

P6 Ripped reviewP6 Ripped Review

As a thermogenic testosterone booster, P6 Ripped increases the testosterone levels and aids in weight loss within the body. By increasing metabolism, it enhances your strength and boosts energy production.

The weight loss aspect is aided by its fat burning capabilities. It also enhances building of lean body muscles while increasing stamina at the same time.

Company behind P6 Ripped

The company that manufactures P6 Ripped supplement is known as Cellucor. It’s a fitness, health and wellness company under the NutraBolt industrial brand. This company was founded in 2002 and is based in Texas.

P6 Ripped Claims

Cellucor claims that:

  • The supplement doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients.
  • P6 Ripped doesn’t contain other fillings and preservatives that affect the health of its user.
  • It contains verified high potency ingredients.
  • It’s safe for human use.
P6 Ripped Ingredients

Some of the ingredients within the P6 Ripped product include:

  • A Root Extract of KSM-66 Ashwagandh
  • A Fruit Extract of Tribulus Alatus
  • Ovine Placenta Powder
  • A Fruit Extract of Agaricus bisporus
  • A Root Extract of Stinging Nettle
  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • Coleus Forskohlii Extract
  • A Fruit Extract of Capsimax Cayenne

How does P6 Ripped Work?

The ingredients within the product plays various roles within the body. Ingredients like Agaricus bisporus helps in increasing libido as well as raising the testosterone levels.

Ovine Placenta on the other hand increases the energy and testosterone levels. The Caffeine Anhydrous helps in developing leaner muscles by increasing metabolism & energy levels, improving cognition and aids in weight loss.

The Capsimax Cayenne raises the internal temperatures to burn more calories and in the process aid in weight loss.

P6 Ripped Pros

  • It increases the testosterone levels.
  • It promotes metabolism hence increasing the energy production.
  • It enhances thermogenesis thus promoting the fat burning capabilities.

P6 Ripped Cons

  • Numerous proprietary blends whose ingredient quantities have not been specified.
  • The product misses core nutrients like Zinc and Magnesium which are important to the body.
  • This product is not safe for people who may have been diagnosed with any serious medical condition before.
  • The product can only be purchased online.
  • With only two servings per day, its benefits in the body fade away quickly

P6 Ripped Results

P6 Ripped uses an Extended Release technology mixed with its caffeine. This allows a steady release so as to improve the crash that occurs after a caffeine intake.

Different users may experience different results but ideally they should start showing in a month of usage.

Where to buy P6 Ripped?

This product can be acquired on the official website at a price of $84.99 for 120 capsule bottle. The MSRP price on GNC and Amazon.com is $99.99.

Is P6 Ripped a scam?

Majority of people might settle for this product by just looking at the benefits it offers to its users. We however recommend that you do some more research to get enough details before purchasing the supplement.

This will prevent after use side effects and ease its usage. Despite the claims that its ingredients are safe, its good to consult a health expert to get more details before using it.

P6 Ripped Side Effects

With the right dosage, the side effects of this supplement should be somehow limited. Some of the possible side effects include headaches and nausea.

High levels of Ashwaganda and Caffeine in the product can potentially lead to sickness.

Final Verdict

The P6 Ripped looks like a great product with a high serving size but may not work well as you might have expected. Both the thermogenic and testosterone booster components of the supplement may not be that amazing.

It’s quite expensive when compared to other products of similar benefits. Despite its limitation, it not a useless product and may still get you some results.

If you seriously need to get lean and boost testosterone, then it would be better to get separate products for fat burning and testosterone boosting.