Organic Slim Garcinia ReviewsOrganic Slim Garcinia reviews

Organic Slim Garcinia is a supplement made from Garcinia Cambogia. This extract contains high levels of hydroxycitric acid, which the manufacturer claims that it contains weight management properties. They sell the products in a bottle and the prescription is thrice a day, for maximum results. The supplement comes from a company located in Lutz FL that produces natural types of supplements. This is the latest of the weight loss supplements that the company has produces, launching it in 2013.

Organic Slim Garcinia Claims

  • The major ingredient is a natural product therefore minimal side effects
  • HCA extract is a functional weight loss and management product
  • The mineral content of the supplement promotes health and immune( Calcium, Chromium, Potassium)
  • The results are significant over a short period of continued usage

Organic Slim Garcinia Ingredients and Working

The major ingredient in organic slim Garcinia is hydroxycitric acid. The inclusion of this extract is meant to suppress the appetite and block formation of fat cells. However, the percentages required for significant results are unknown, making this supplement to raise concerns.

The manufacturer claims that the supplement eliminates the formation of fat cells in the liver. This is because energy conversion into fat cells takes place in the liver. This blockage process helps regulate weight gain and promote energy assimilation throughout the body. Another aspect involves the reduction of body stress through regulation of serotonin.

Organic Slim Garcinia Results and Side Effects

The expected results are reduced weight gain and increased weight loss. However, the mechanism of action has no scientific proof, making the results not as reliable.

The range of possible side effects is infinitive, especially since the product information assumes the dosage prescriptions. However, loss of appetite and increase in blood sugar are possible side effects, especially the latter since the body stores zero of the excess energy.

Organic Slim Garcinia Pros

  • Improves energy availability through the body and general metabolisms and reduces weight gain to some extent
  • The use of natural extracts reduces the risks involved with synthetic supplements, such as toxics accumulations
  • Reduces stress levels through regulation of serotonin, although this is not the sole stress reliever

Organic Slim Garcinia Cons

  • Lack of scientific proof of the efficiency of the supplement
  • Organic slim Garcinia got F rating from Better Business Bureau raising concerns
  • The prescription is not effective for everyone
  • Expensive despite lack of proof from all angles
  • Inadequate formula information, risking the lives of allergenic people

Is Organic Slim Garcinia a Scam?

Considering the reaction from previous users, organic slim Garcinia may be a swindle. Most of the claims lack evidence while some of the product guarantees and offers end up being fruitless. However, it has some general benefits, although not the stated ones.

Where to Buy Organic Slim Garcinia?

This supplement is available on the organic slim Garcinia website. The company offers deliveries after you make orders on the site. The product information also provides customer support contacts, through which you can place an order.

Final Verdict

For people whose aim is weight management, this supplement will not be an effective portion. The fact that HCA is natural does not guarantee that this product will not have adverse effects. Lack of scientific backup is a blow to trusting the supplement. However, you can purchase it for other expected results but not dieting and weight loss.

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