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Optifast 800 Review: Does It Really Work?

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What is Optifast 800?Optifast 800 review

Optifast is a medical treatment program which has been directed towards the obese people. It aims to enable to lose weight by replacing the normal diet of the consumer. Having proved it mettle for the past few decades, the supplement has provided astounding results to customers who followed all the guidelines. This program is conducted under strict supervision of the physician.

Company behind Optifast 800

The Optifast 800 shakes has been designed and launched by Novartis Medical Nutrition Corporation. Novartis is one of the leading pharmaceutical players in the world and through its inventions and product line, has won the trust of many a customer.

Optifast 800 Claims

Being primarily a weight loss treatment in the form of shakes, soups and bars, the product claims to:-

  1. Provide weight loss for the extremely obese people
  2. Results visible in a short period of time
  3. Contains a very low calorie diet (VLCD) worth 800 kilocalories every day

Optifast 800 Ingredients

The ingredients which goes in to the making of the health supplement depends largely on the nature of the supplement – shake, bar or soup. The main ingredients in the product consist of:-

  1. Potassium, Sodium
  2. Protein (main ingredient)
  3. Fat and carbohydrates

The vitamin and mineral content in the product depends upon the nature and type of the product.

How does Optifast 800 work?

The entire weight loss regime takes place in four phases – screening, active weight loss, transition and maintenance. These processes ensure that the customer is first screened to find out which test would be the most suitable for him, and then that particular treatment is started. Post this, the main treatment happens in the active weight loss phase where in a customer is put to an all-liquid diet for 6 weeks.

Optifast 800 Pros

Optifast 800, owing to its methodical treatment routine, has a lot of advantages which makes customers prefer the product:-

  1. No health complications as the clients are screened at the start of the program
  2. Brand recognition of Novartis
  3. Remove all unhealthy eating habits and purify the digestive system of the body

Optifast 800 Cons

There are two complications with all good things in the world – cost and the difficulty level. As the program involves a medically supervised treatment schedule, the entire package costs around 3000 dollars (inclusive of all the tests).

Also, this treatment is not an easy one for customers. Customers have to maintain the diet strictly in order to see positive results.

Where to buy Optifast 800?

Interested customers can avail this package by placing an order at the official web site. This product needs to be taken under the strict supervision of a physician or nutritionist so as to ensure that the correct variant is being consumed. The product costs around 3000 dollars.

Is Optifast 800 a scam?

Customers following the rules and guidelines of the entire routine, and maintaining their diet accordingly would see results. The product has proved it mettle since decades and is one of the major products of Novartis. Therefore, customers can be sure of the ingenuity of the product. However, the acceptability of the product to the body needs to be checked.

Optifast 800 Side effects

Given the fact that the diet consists of a strict all-liquid intake for a period of six weeks, there will be certain side effects at the early stages. Customers using the product for the first time have complained of headaches, nausea, light headedness and also some issues in the digestive system of the body. For preventing the same, strict medical supervision is recommended for the treatment.

Final Verdict

In lieu of the complicated nature of the treatment and the possible side effects and cost associated to it, customers may be sceptic on its usage. However, it is definitely safer than simply pills which claim to reduce weight in no time without any clinical tests or evidences. Being launched by Novartis and having proved its mettle over a few decades, the ingenuity of the product is not a doubt.

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