Omega XL Review: Does Omega XL Work?

Omega XL Review: Does Omega XL Work?

Omega XL is a joint supplement product that gained recognition due to the recommendation of Larry King. It is actually being soldOmega XL Review Does Omega XL work online via the product’s official website. The joint health supplement is that contains a patented mix of 30 types of healthy fatty acids, such as EPA and DHA, that have been clinically shown to be effective in relieving joint pain due to inflammation. The product claims to be supported by several researches carried out in greater than 30 yrs.

Company Behind Omega XL?

Omega XL is sold in the US by the organization Great HealthWorks. On their website (GreatHealthWorks .com) their catalogue this location for the company 4150 SW 28th Way Hollywood, FL 33312. On Google Street View, this seems to be an industrial park. They list a contact phone number of 1 -866-449-9679 .

What are the ingredients of Omega XL?

As per the official website, Omega XL is “an extremely concentrated Omega-3 “Super Oil” health supplement recovered from the New Zealand green-lipped mussel.” This also known as a “patented fish oil complex” consisting of “up to 22 times more omega-3 Free Fatty Acids compared to regular fish oil,” that has an asterisk proclaiming that statement wasn’t examined by the FDA.

The Omega XL label doesn’t expose much regarding the ingredients.

Since Omega XL is a health supplement, a full list of components is not required – or supplied in this instance. It is possibly safe to is the product as an omega-3 health supplement. The only thing that the label informs us is that we’re obtaining 100mg of “Omega Fatty Acids Including EPA & DHA.”

Does Omega XL work?

Omega XL is an Omega-3 joint supplement that uses a trademarked, highly focused formulation of 30 fatty acids, such as DHA and EPA. This lipid extract is stated to be backed by “30 years of several published clinical studies” which display its efficiency in reducing inflammation and stiffness, reducing bronchial tightness (often related to asthma), and also lowering pains and aches.

The top secret to this “super oil” is the fact that it is comprised of the green-lipped mussel native to New Zealand, that are grown during 18 months in “pristine” waters. When farmed, these mussels are prepared into a “powerful fatty acid combination” that is natural, includes no harmful toxins or PCBs, and also has no fishy aftertaste.

So as to begin to observe benefits, you’ll basically need to have one Omega XL capsule 2 times each day. Based on the product’s website, you will discover no known negative effects or drug interactions, and Omega XL is also safe to use for people with shellfish allergic reactions.

Is Omega XL Safe to Use?

The joint health supplement merely contains organic ingredients as omega 3 fatty acids. They are known as healthy fatty acids supplying other health advantages aside from relieving joint pain. There exist no known severe side effects from using this type of fatty acid. But, some research has shown that even consumption of “healthy fatty acids” can intensify high cholesterol in some cases. Usually, this health supplement is safe.

Omega XL Advantages

  • Medical studies have been done on the primary active ingredient
  • Omega XL was created to work usually after 4 to 6 weeks of everyday use
  • A 90 day cash back guarantee is offered from the first purchase date of the supplement
  • Omega XL possesses celebrity endorsement
  • The supplement is offered without a prescription
  • The main ingredients are described in depth
  • Organization contact details are provided
  • Omega XL may be taken for prolonged intervals and you will discover no known drug-drug interactions

Omega XL Disadvantages

  • Omega XL is completely ineffective in individuals who don’t take it

Why Must I take an Omega XL?

You undoubtedly are inspired to try Omega XL in case you are fighting with joint pain. You may also try this in case you’re looking for a health supplement that gives your body with a number of vitamins and minerals that assist you as you enter your old yrs.

Why Is There Many Bad feedback’s Against Omega XL?

The bad feedbacks against Omega XL were depending on customer reviews. Only a few have mentioned ill about the components used in the medicine. If only the producers stay true to the assure stated on the web site, then many people curious to undertake this supplement wouldn’t be dispirited to do so.

Omega XL Costs & Refund Policy

If bought directly from the manufacturer company, Omega XL is priced at $49.95, plus $9.95 shipping and handling. In this, you’ll get 120 softgels, which results in a 60-day supply.

Remember that once you place your order, you’ll be signed up in the company’s autoship program. Because of this, you’ll be sent a clean 30-day supply of Omega XL once every month, and your credit card shall be charged $$60.90, plus shipping and handling.

Omega XL includes a 90-day refund policy, which starts the day you buy is placed, much less shipping and handling charges. Outside this 90-day time, no refunds will be followed.

Bottom Line

Omega XL seems to be a regular omega-3 supplement. You will discover, however, a few caveats while examining the product’s website and advertising:

  • Clashing statements about whether it is a fish oil.
  • Auto-ship plan
  • Imperfect 90-day guarantee
  • Insufficient ingredients on the tag

Those factors are enough to take breaks when purchasing this product. If you wish to try Omega XL, we recommend buying it from a trusted third party to stay away from the unwanted auto-ship plan.

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A rough estimate puts the number of people living with arthritis and related joint pain at 70 million in the United States alone. That number could soon climb now that the baby-boom generation is firmly planted in its senior decades.

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