Obesity may Be-More Likely-for Married MenThe latest research shows that marriage has a negative impact on the weight. Some studies show that marital union probably has a positive effect on the mental health of men, but certainly does not have the same effect on their weight.

Connection Between Marriage and Obesity is Scientifically Proven

A survey conducted by journal “Families, Systems and Health,” showed that man in addition to putting a ring on his finger will get a couple of extra pounds. This study included 2,300 young adults, and the researchers found that the rate of obesity among married men is whopping 58.5 percent compared to the single men. It has been found that the married people get fat by 25 percent more than people who are in relationships.

Of course, scientists have not declared that marriage is necessarily to blame for weight gain, but they agree that obesity is often present in the homes of married couples.

Majority will use leisure to rest with their favorite snacks, instead of going to the gym.

Happy Marriage Causes Obesity

One study indicates that the cause of weight gain in spouses is actually happiness in their marriage. Some scientists claim that spouses who do not get fat, pay attention to their appearance because they are looking for a new partner.Ina happy marriage, man is relaxed and he cares less about his appearance.

Men Are Less Aware of Problem Than Women

Not many women will tell that a big belly on a man is attractive. It is not only unattractive but alsounhealthy. Despite this fact, it happens to many married men. When a man marries, he forgets about healthy habits and starts to get fat. More precisely, he usually gains belly fat.

Married men stop paying attention to diet, don’t exercise and spend too much time on the couch in front of the TV. Result is an increasing in body weight.

It has been shown that more than 50 percent of married men are overweight, and researchers believe that these are alarming figures. Also, the problem is that men can change unhealthy habits more difficult than women. The women at some point realize that the situation must be changed and begin to take concrete steps. However, men are not aware of the problem for a long time.Once when they notice the problem, it is much more difficult for them to decide to take an action. That, unfortunately, leaves a long-term bad effects on their health.

Take Care of Yourself

Take care of your weight, it is a prerequisite for a healthy life and healthy life is a prerequisite for a happiness. Keep your weight gain under control. Obese people die on average four years earlier than people with normal weight.

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