Warning!!! Side Effects!! Dont TRY?

Warning!!! Side Effects!! Dont TRY?


Statistics say that one of the most crucial causes of several diseases that consumers experience in their later middle ages is obesity and lack of a proper diet. In order to tap this market and ensure consumers from across the globe maintain their appetite at an optimum level, It has been launched which aims to provide all its customers an improved digestion level and enhance weight loss.

Company behind

The innovative product – Bio X4 – has been innovated and launched in the market by who through their in depth analysis and research claims to bring a revolution in the field of weight loss.


The product claims to provide its users with a state of art product which uses natural products and ingredients so as to provide customers with the perfect blend of digestion enhancement, appetite control and weight loss. A few of their claims include:-

  • 100 percent natural product
  • No side effects on consumption of the product


The product has ensured complete transparency in its product by mentioning all is ingredients in the product label, which are mentioned below:-

  • Pro-biotic blend – acidophilus, plantarun, lactis etc.
  • Proprietary blend – Green tea extract, Griffonia Seed Extract etc.
  • Digestive Enzyme blend – Amylase, Lipase etc.

All these ingredients are completely carved out of natural products and have no artificial fillers or additives.

How does it Work?

The product has four proven nutrients which claim to make the offering one of the best and the most desired in the market. These nutrients are instrumental in providing digestive support, suppress emotional appetite as well as help in weight loss.

The proprietary digestive enzyme helps in enhancing the digestive ability of the consumer, green tea extract helps in promoting healthy metabolism, and the Griffonia Seed extract helps control appetite.


The product is one of its kinds of supplement which helps customers to manage their diet intake and manage their weight. The key pros of the product are:-

  • No side effects that customers need to evaluate before obtaining the product
  • 100 % natural product without any artificial impediments
  • Provides customers a 4 in one product taking care of their digestion, appetite level as well as weight management


Although the product claims to one of the most successful products in the market, there have been certain cons which customers have come across:-

  • On purchasing the offer online, customers are bound to the arbitration agreement which is extremely limited
  • May cause temporary side effects such as bloating or occasional acidity
  • As the company was new and yet to prove it mettle, it was not listed on any Better Business Bureau

Where to Buy it?

Customers can avail the product by visiting their web site and ordering for the supplement. Based on the quantity of the product desired, the price varies. For any information regarding the terms and conditions of the offer, customers can get in touch with the customer service team at 888-679-5520.

Is it a scam?

Owing to being an amateur in the market, customers may take a sceptic stance in evaluating the product. However there are customers who have benefited from the usage of the product, and therefore it cannot be classified as a scam at his point of time. However, the arbitration policy is extremely limited which may work against the player.

Side effects

Although the manufacturer of the weight loss products claims that there are no side effects of the offering, however, customers have faced certain bloating or a feeling of acidity in the initial stages. In addition to that, the green tea extract usually contains a certain proportion of caffeine, which may be counterproductive.

Final Verdict

The product has launched a one of its kind product aiming at helping customers to maintain a proper diet and manage their weight and metabolism. Although the product may have certain side effects in terms of acidity, still customers can extract a substantial benefit out of the product, if used within the guidelines as mentioned by the customer support.

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