Lose weight text with measure tape and fruitsMaybe you’ve been including diet and exercise on your list of New Year resolutions for too long now. Or perhaps you are one of the bridesmaids of your friend and you need to fit in that dress, pronto. Or maybe you have been warned by your doctor that if you do not do something to lose weight, your health will suffer. These and more are the possible reasons why you need to lose weight fast.

No matter which of these categories, you fall under, how are you supposed to achieve the objective of quickly shedding the excess pounds that you have? Short of going through a crash diet, there are actually a good number of things that you can do as a solution for your need to lose weight fast. That is exactly what we will try to learn more about here.

Step 1: Choosing the Best Weight Loss Plan For You

If you need to lose weight fast, it is still best to stick to a plan so that you would know which step to take next. The rule of thumb to follow when selecting an effective but quick weight loss plan is to opt for one that suits your personality and lifestyle. There is no sense in following a time-consuming exercise regimen that requires you to slave away hours in the gym when you know that you will not have the time nor the patience to see it through until you see results. In the same vein, people who cannot exert the effort to count the calories of the food that they are eating would not fare well with a strict diet.

So what is the compromise between the two? If you love to exercise but hate dieting, choose a weight loss program which involves more exercising and is a bit lax on the food that you are and are not supposed to eat. On the other hand, if you do not like exercising, you can choose a weight loss plan that is more focused on nutrition and only requires you to sweat it out by running or jogging a few hours per week.

Step 2: Putting Your Thoughts Into Action

Let us say that you have already chosen a weight loss plan to follow. Whether it is mostly exercise or diet based, the next thing that you need to do is implement your plan. This is where most dieters fall off the wagon. If they fail to start their weight loss plan right away, they postpone it until they gain a few more pounds, and it becomes doubly difficult to shed all that excess weight off.

The best way to put your thoughts into action is to set a date of when you will start following your weight loss regimen. Practice enough self-discipline especially if you need to lose weight fast for attending a special occasion such as a wedding. Make a list of your starting weight, jot down the activities that you need to complete so that you can follow your weight loss program, track your progress and wait for the results.

You may not immediately see it on the weighing scale but when you feel lighter on your feet once you start becoming more active, then you are on your way towards meeting your weight loss goals.

Step 3: The Combination Of Diet And Exercise

Finally, make sure to combine diet and exercise so that you can reach your weight loss goals more quickly. Here are a few more tips on how you can do just that. When choosing a diet plan, make sure that the program is not focused on calorie counting but instead gives you options on how to reduce portions and eat more nutritious, quickly-filling food items. When choosing an exercise plan, go for fat-burning exercises. These are physical activities which target the fat rather than helping you shed water weight. This type of exercise produces more long-lasting results.

It might be tempting to go through a crash diet especially if you need to lose weight fast, but you need to resist it. There are other, more effective ways of shedding off the excess pounds that you have without sacrificing your health in the process – and it’s all a matter of combining good diet with exercise.

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