MusclePharm Combat Review: Does it Really Work?

MusclePharm Combat Review: Does it Really Work?

MusclePharm Combat review

MusclePharm Combat Overview

One of the most trending products for athletes and people involved in heavy workouts is the MusclePharm Combat. From its name, we can deduce it targets the muscles by ensuring optimum growth of muscles is reached. It also contains proteins which are crucial in the building of muscles and recovery.

Company Behind MusclePharm Combat

This high end nutritional supplement is made by MusclePharm Corporation which has its headquarters in Denver, Colorado. The company specializes in nutritional supplements that boost the performance of its users.

MusclePharm Combat Claims

MusclePharm Combat has embraced the protein powder technology and therefore claims to:

  • Ensure quick and faster recovery level after workouts.
  • Speed up the time required for muscles to build.
  • Uses a blend of digestive enzymes that ease digestion.
  • Contains a blend of important proteins that are required in the body

MusclePharm Combat Ingredients

The most notable ingredients found here are the whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate and protein hydrolysate which are critical in the building of the muscles. Other ingredients include L-Glutamine, L-leucine and egg albumin which are essential in muscle recovery, and micellar casein which prevents the breaking of muscle tissues.

How does MusclePharm Combat work?

The whey protein isolate ensures fast absorption of the protein in to the bloodstream. Where the protein whey hydrolysate when broken down is directly fused into the amino acids found in the muscles. Here through the presence of the micellar casein the tissues of the muscles are prevented from breaking as they are very vulnerable to sudden growth spurts brought about by the whey proteins.

MusclePharm Combat Pros

  • MusclePharm Combat is very effective in the building of muscles due to the presence of the whey protein which facilitate faster muscle growth and recovery.
  • With various flavors available it tends to diversify different tastes of different people.
  • With the presence of the blended digestive enzyme this product improves digestion.

MusclePharm Combat Cons

  • Due to ingredients used the product price ranges very high.
  • It is very difficult to mix with other cold drinks due to the varying ingredients it contains.
  • In some cases it has brought about hard digestion.
  • It can cause burping and in some cases farting.

MusclePharm Combat Results

MusclePharm Combat is highly effective in giving the body a boost in muscle building and speeding up the recovery level.

Where to buy MusclePharm Combat?

MusclePharm Combat is available in both retail shops and online shops, most of which are based in America although the company has international distributors in most continents. The most common place to find MusclePharm include amazon, Campus Protein and The product retails from a price of 38.99 dollars and above.

Is MusclePharm Combat a scam?

From the reviews of fitness instructors and consumers, MusclePharm Combat is not a scam as it does exactly what is meant to do. It is among the highest ranking supplements due to its capability to achieve muscle growth. MusclePharm truly delivers on its end and customers are encouraged to try it out.

MusclePharm Combat Side-effects

The product itself has no serious side-effect apart from a few burping which is usually brought about by the sudden influx of nutrients in the bloodstream. Other than this, the product has many positive effects on the user. Although with its good taste and variety in flavors, the product can create an addiction to the users.

Final Verdict

The MusclePharm Combat product is a good product that aims to improve the overall capabilities of athletes and people who are very active. Generally this should be a must have for all athletes as it helps them in their routine exercise by reducing the time requires to recover after an exercise. It also boosts their energy levels thus improving their overall performance.[crazy]