Midol Complete Review: Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients, Does it Work?

Midol Complete Review: Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients, Does it Work?

Midol CompleteMidol Complete Reviews

A woman’s menstrual cycle stands for a lot in the scientific and natural order of life. Unfortunately, that is as far as the praise goes. The cycle, to most women, is characterized by lots of body discomfort all the way from headaches to bloating. Midol Complete offers relief to most of the problems associated with perimenopausal and menopausal menstrual cycle discomfort

Midol Complete Company behind

The regimen is manufactured by a well-known German drug company, Bayer Pharmaceuticals. Bayer is one of the most trusted pharmaceuticals in the world. It also has a wide geographical footprint.

Midol Complete Claims

The manufacturer claims that Midol Complete is able to offer relief to the following conditions

  • Relieving of lower backache pain
  • Reliving unrelenting headaches
  • It can help alleviate menstrual cycle associated symptoms
  • The drug is able to hold off discomfort for periods of up to six hours.
  • It will also help relieve bloating

Midol Complete Ingredients

This product has the following active ingredients in it;

  • Caffeine: This common essence in tea, coffee, and some soft drinks, helps in fighting fatigue. It can also be used to increase mental acuity and reduce headache throbs.
  • Parambom: This diuretic is the ingredient responsible for the relief of bloat and the reduction of menstruation related water gain.
  • Pyrilamine Maleate: This anti-histamine ingredient has so many functions ranging from relief of pain to muscular stress alleviation.Acetaminophen: This highly effective pain reliever also works as an alternative fever reduction agent

How does Midol Complete Work?

The drug uses caffeine, Pyrilamine Maleate, and acetaminophen to reduce the pain that comes with the monthly cycle. The Parambom initiates numerous visits to the ladies room, hence reducing the bowel load and reducing bloat.

Midol Complete Pros

  • This product is manufactured by a trusted brand.
  • The ingredients used are not only widely used but are also among the best.
  • The ability to do away with symptoms of the monthly cycle makes it a good choice

Midol Complete Cons

  • Pregnant and persons on medication might require a doctor’s recommendation first
  • It is proven to be effective when used way before the pain fully sets in
  • This product is a ‘strictly-top-shelf’ storage due to a loosely-tightened packaging.
  • Its other known side effects such as causing anxiety can act against its use.

Midol Complete Results

All factors held constant, this drug should start working within a few minutes of using it. For maximum results use two capsules within a period of six hours.

Where to buy Midol Complete?

Midol Complete can be bought in various pharmacies. The manufacturer also has a list of suppliers who would gladly ship it to users.

Is Midol Complete a Scam?

Given the drug’s effective ingredients and the company behind it, the notion of a scam should be the last thing on a purchaser’s mind.

Midol Complete Side effects

This drug is not entirely suitable for pregnant women and can harm unborn babies. It is also known to cause anxiety, loss of appetite and nausea among users. Overuse of the drug can also harm your liver.

Final Verdict

The symptoms and pain associated with menstruation can be debilitating to even the strongest female personalities. Midol Complete promises to help give its users back their footing. However, the risks associated with this drug are heavy counterpoints to its use. Potential users are better off searching for safer options first before settling on this choice. Some reaserch will yield better results than those of Midol.