Member XXL Review: Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients, Does it Work?

Member XXL Review: Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients, Does it Work?

Member XXL ReviewsMember XXL

Member XXL is a supplement for men that enhance their sexual urge and overall sexual performance.

The supplement also intensifies sexual response as well as enlarging the penis. According to Member XXL, once used for a given length of time, the supplement increases the girth and length of the penis, giving man dominance in bed.

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Company behind Member XXL

NuviaLab, founded in 2008, is a corporation in the field of beauty, modern e-commerce and health. The company launched in San Francisco is the firm that manufactures the supplement, Member XXL.

Member XXL Claims

  • The manufacturing company claims that the supplement enlarges penis
  • The manufacturer claims that the supplement has active ingredients for penis enlargement.
  • The manufacturer claims that the product is risk-free
  • The manufacturer claims the product takes effect in the first week of use.
  • The manufacturer claims the supplement has a prolonged effect

Member XXL Ingredients

The ingredients of the supplement are L-Arginine that strengthens and prolongs erections by increasing blood circulation to the penis. Fenugreek that enhances an energetic sex experience by improving blood flow to the penis.

Palmetto, an ingredient that improves sexual response. Tibullus Terrestris is also a supplement that increases libido. Other ingredients in the supplement are Chinese magnolia extracts, Korean Panax extracts, saffron, vitamin E, zinc among others.

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How does Member XXL Work?

The Member XXL supplement claims to use its ingredients to enhance men’s sexual experience. The supplement increases the rapid flow of blood to the penis thus increasing its girth and length.

The Member XXL claims to increase the penis length with a significance length, for instance, 2cm within three weeks of use. Lastly, the product claims to save men from embarrassment by enhancing their sexual dominance.

Member XXL Pros

  • The supplement enhances sexual performance for men.
  • By maximizing blood flow to the penis, the Member XXL supplement helps to thicken and enlarge the penis size up to 9 cm.
  • The dietary supplement improves sexual response as well as sexual libido for men thus enhancing their sexual life positively.

Member XXL Cons

  • The increased blood flow leads to increase in heartbeat rate as well as enlarging of blood vessels which may result in dizziness and insomnia.
  • When one skip taking a pill, the Member XXL losses effectiveness.
  • The supplement is more costly as compared to fresh and natural ingredients like watermelons and chocolate that increase libido.
  • The supplement may counteract other medication causing complications.
  • The supplement can disrupt absorption of other nutrients causing health complications.

Member XXL Results

The Member XXL pills are believed to improve the sexual response, size of the penis and sexual response, thus, improving the sexual life of a man.

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Where to buy Member XXL?

The Member XXL pills are available for order on online markets. Though the product source and cost may vary according to the retailers, distributors and or the website selling them, it is believed that the pills have the same effect.

Is Member XXL a Scam?

The supplement promises to give great results by enlarging the penis and positively enhancing sexual life.

However, the product is not to be trusted until an extensive research, and some experiments are done on the Member XXL pills. Therefore the supplement may be considered a scam until proven otherwise.

Member XXL Side effects

Due to the increased flow of blood, the supplement causes dizziness and insomnia as some of the side effects.

Also, the products increase the heart beat rate which may result in heart failures and other heart-related complications. Those are some of the side effects of Member XXL pill.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Member XXL pills claim to improve the sexual experience of men by increasing the size of their penises. However, the final verdict of this supplement cannot be declared until an extensive research is done.

Also, it can be noted that the disadvantages of the Member XXL pill outweigh its advantages. Thus we can conclude that Member XXL pill might not the best way to go in pursuit of a better sexual experience for men.