Maximor Review: Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients, Does it Work?

Maximor Review: Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients, Does it Work?

Maximor ReviewsMaximor reviews

Maximor is one of South Africa’s largest and best selling sexual enhancer for men. It is 100% herbal and is used for increasing mens’ sexual desire and for treating erectile dysfunction experienced by men above the age of 30.It is purported to work maximally within 40 minutes and is regarded as long lasting.

Company behind Maximor

Maximor is produced by a company based in South Africa. The company, Natural Products manufactures it besides other wellness and health products including maximor for women amongst others. Not much about the company and the product is known so far.

Maximor Claims

  • Guarantees enhanced arousal and extra-ordinary sexual abilities and desires.
  • Solves sexual problems in relationships.
  • Capability to sustain hard and firm erections for long.
  • Capabilty to withstand sex for long and increase libido.
  • Safe and high quality ingredients.

Maximor Ingredients

The drug contains gingko globa, eurycoma longifolia, momocardia charantia, rhizoma cucurmae longae, astragalus membranaceus, herba cistanches, niacin, l-arginine,tribulus, Avena sativa, mac powder, tongkat ali, saw palmetto and herba epimedium. All of these ingredients are herbal.

How Does Maximor Work?

The drug improves and increases blood flow and upsurges dilatation of blood vessels in penile structures thus improving erection. It also solves impotence in men by improving production of sperm and increasing testosterone levels thus improving arousal. It also has antioxidant effects and boost energy levels. It prevents premature ejaculation and supports the prostate gland.

Maximor Pros

  • Positive reviews from customers and users.
  • The product also contains horny goat weed essential for treatment of erectile dysfunction.
  • The product is as quick and as effective as it is claimed to be.

Maximor Cons

  • Some of the customers complain of sleep disturbances like insomnia caused by eurycoma longifolia.
  • Not many customers approve of it or give positive feedback.
  • Not many acknowledge the products actually most medical practitioners discourage its use.
  • Little or no research has been conducted on the drug therefore it has narrow safety assurances if any.
  • Residual effects may last longer than desired.

Maximor Results

The erections are increased in length, firmness, girth and last longer. The sperm count and testosterone levels are increased. Sexual stamina and energy is sustained.

Where to buy Maximor?

The product is bought online from their website using virtual money. They are shipped from South Africa which is not very convenient for customers in case of delays or miscommunications. The cost is 23 US dollars for four tablets and they are not easily accessible or available.

Is Maximor a Scam?

Maximor site is safe and trustworthy for use. The owners’ guarantee claim 100 % money back for undelivered products, though there is no source to ascertain this. Proof of high ratings in trust is not a guarantee of the same in reality. The product’s legitimacy is a question many customers have failed to answer and it is only left to imagination.

Maximor Side Effects

The drug is known to cause lack of sleep in some individuals. Elevated testosterone levels may cause the users to be aggressive rendering them dangerous without their knowledge. The drug causes cardiovascular problems like increased heart beat which makes the individual unhealthy and could be fatal.

Final Verdict

It is no secret anymore, nor is it a matter of contention of whether or not maximor is safe for use. From research and all reliable sources it is highly likely harmful and should be shun. There is no evidence whatsoever of its positive effects. It is not recommended at all for treating impotence or sexual dysfunction or impotence. In case of any problems necessary medical advice from a physician ought to be sought.