Luna Skin Serum ReviewsLuna Skin Serum

The Luna skin serum is a serum that is said to be rich in proteins, that is a skincare output that is likely to be put on the skin after the cleansing of the skin but before moisturizing with the mission of delivering large and important components in the skin serum mixtures directly into the skin.

Company behind Luna Skin Serum

The company that is answerable for the production of this skin serum is FOREO and was established in 2013, with their headquarter at Stockholm in Sweden and their kind of beauty brand operates on a multi-national level.

Luna Skin Serum Claims

This skin serum claim to perform so many functions and purposes which made so many believe in them, and some of their claims are listed below:

  • They claim to repair the damaged skin cells.
  • The Luna skin serum also claim to be an ultraviolet inhibitor.
  • They claim to enhance and improve the tone of the skin.
  • They also claim to promote skin nourishment.
  • They also claim that by proper application of the skin serum, it will help to remove wrinkles, spots, and blackheads on the face.

Luna Skin Serum Ingredients

The ingredients of this skin serum are said to be the basis of natural ingredients which are being monitored, guided and observe by their skin experts. Those ingredients are as follows:

  • Green tea,
  • Vitamin b3,
  • Vitamin c,
  • Palmitoyl peptide.
  • Collagen Booster
  • Anti-oxidants,

It was well stated by their skin expert that the skin serum is from natural resources but the side effect is high and was only stated by their own internal skin experts that the ingredients are from natural resources.

How does Luna Skin Serum Work?

This skin serum works in different ways and pattern that is different from the skin expert’s analysis about the serum. It is stated by their skin expert that, when the skin serum is applied on the skin, it is being retained in the descending part (dermal layer) of the skin where the majority of the human skin cells dwells, and from the results, side effect and other factor got from the usage of these skin serum, it is not as stated by their skin expert because if it so, the skin serum supposed to perform all the duties they claimed it can perform. Then the creation of collagen is needed to strengthen the skin cells in order for the skin to be smooth and solid which will be gotten from the serum.

Luna Skin Serum Pros

  • The Luna skin serum claim to moisturize the skin layer in which they do well though not perfectly well.
  • This skin serum also states that It nourishes the skin by the presence of some of the natural ingredients and has proven them to be true.

Luna Skin Serum Cons

  • They also claim to improve the tone of the skin, which is not true from the result gotten from people who have made use of the serum before, it does not improve the skin tone.
  • They claim to be an ultraviolet inhibitor which is not true from the analysis obtained from the skin expert and the users of the serum.
  • They also claim to illuminate the skin for the dewy glow but with the analysis obtained from the users of this serum, it is not so.
  • They also claim to prevent our skin from wrinkles, dark spots and it is not so from the analysis gotten from the users.

Luna Skin Serum Results

From the analysis gotten from the users of this skin serum, it has been observed that elastin, collagen booster, and Palmitoyl peptide is missing. If they are present, the would have been an improved skin.

Where to buy Luna Skin Serum?

The Luna skin serum can only be requested for through their official website which makes it look suspicious why they don’t want another seller of the skin serum.

Luna Skin Serum Trial Offer

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Is Luna Skin Serum a Scam?

The Luna skin serum is not fully a scam, but with the analysis obtained by some skin experts and most of the users, the skin serum shows to be a scam. The skin serum can, therefore, be classify as a scam because it is not delivering as they claim.

Luna Skin Serum Side effects

The side effect is as follows:

  • The side effect of this skin serum is that if often used can make one’s black spot to have a kind of spot on one’s face.
  • One of the side effect is that if often used to reduce wrinkles, it might make the wrinkles get worse.
  • It also has the ability to make one’s face get darker if often used.

Final Verdict

Therefore, from the result obtained from external skin experts and some of the users of this skin serum, if one continues to make use of this skin serum, it probably might cause a side effect on the skin of the individual which is not good for the health of the skin. Trial Offer!!