Lipogel ReviewsLipogel reviews

Lipogel is a cream or gel which is applied on parts of the body to reduce body fat. The product only comes in fluid form and can’t be ingested and doesn’t come in tablets. The product claims to burn fat in a short amount of time on the part where it is applied.

Company Behind Lipogel

The product comes with various brands and company while carrying the same name for the chemical formula. While many customers may be buying from Michelle Marie, there is no proper website for the product.

Lipogel Claims

Following is a list of what the product claims:

  • Helps reducing fat wherever it may be applied on the body.
  • The effect of the gel goes deep in the body thus reacting fast as possible.
  • Doesn’t have any sticky or greasy effects.
  • Burns the fat causing sweat on the applied area.

Lipogel Ingredients

The product enlists its ingredients as Caffeine, Menthol, Purified Water, and FCF Blue Brilliant. These ingredients are claimed to burn the fat present in the body while keeping the temperature on the applied area cool. This is to ensure that the body isn’t burned due to burning effects.

How does Lipogel Work?

The product’s main burner happens to be caffeine. On applying the cream/gel on the required area, it causes a sensation of burning. The burning causes the fat to feel the heat and therefore it begins to get loosened. The loosened fat is easy to burn along with proper antioxidants and exercise.

Lipogel Pros

  • The product contains simple ingredients.
  • Doesn’t contain any extra harmful preservatives.
  • Caffeine gets along with just about everyone (assuming one is not allergic to caffeine)

Lipogel Cons

  • The product isn’t scientifically approved and holds no scientific verification.
  • The ingredients may seem simple but they may not be very effective.
  • The product is of no use if one’s skin is sensitive.
  • Burning sensations may be too deep and may cause rash or skin irritation.

Lipogel Results

The product doesn’t seem to get along with everyone. The effectiveness and results, which were said to be quick, hardly made to anyone’s notice.

Where to buy Lipogel?

The product can be purchased from any website online. The product can be purchased from Amazon. Also, the product is available at Walmart and can be purchased by visiting the store or online.

Is Lipogel a Scam?

This can’t be clearly stated due to the fact very few users were able to be satisfied from the usage of the product. However, the product doesn’t back its claims through scientific measures.

Lipogel Side Effects

The product is reported to have caused burning sensations along followed by rash and itching. The area where the product is applied goes red and begins to swallow the part. This gets quicker with those who have allergies related to caffeine based products.

Final Verdict

Lipogel is not effective as it has been portrayed and causes rather rashes and red spots. Though a few number of users have claimed to have been benefited from applying the gel, it must be reminded that this cream may work provided one does exercise and works out tremendously to shed all possible traces of fat.

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