Leptiburn Review: Does It Really Work?

Leptiburn Review: Does It Really Work?

What is Leptiburn?Leptiburn review

Leptin is a hormone which is one of the major drivers of the fat storage in the human body, which in turn has a considerable impact on the weight of the body. Leptiburn is nothing but a weight loss pill which tends to control and optimize the leptin hormone so as to ensure burning of fat and controlling of the appetite levels of human.

Company Behind Leptiburn

The company behind the launch of Leptiburn is BioTrust which is based out of United States, and is mainly focussed at launching products which helps in providing “honest nutrition for ultimate body”.

Leptiburn Claims

BioTrust mainly controls and targets the leptin secretion of the human body to cater to a variety of parameters which are:-

  1. Enhance fat loss in body
  2. Facilitate weight loss
  3. Increase the production and sensitivity of leptin which in turn controls appetite levels

Leptiburn Ingredients

BioTrust takes help of completely natural ingredients to increase the leptin levels so as to burn fat quicker. The basic ingredients which are used in the making of the product include:-

  1. Olive leaf extract – 150 mg
  2. Brown seaweed extract – 200 mg
  3. Irviniga Gabonensis – 200 mg
  4. Green tea extract – 350 mg
  5. Panax ginseng extract – 400 mg
  6. Yerba Mate – 83 mg

How Does Leptiburn Work?

All the above mentioned ingredients have been put to clinical experiments which have suggested in some way or the other that they have an effect on the leptin secretion. Olive oil, apart from other health benefits, help in controlling lipid levels. Brown seaweed extract helps in increasing fat metabolism which in turn facilitates fat burning. Green tea extract, on the other hand, acts as an oxidant stimulating weight loss.

Leptiburn Pros

One of the major and the most apparent positive points about this supplement is that there web site is comprehensive with in depth information on the ingredients being used as well as their concentration. Moreover, there has been clinical test and findings on the applicability of the product.

Other than that, the manufacturer provides an attractive money back guarantee to lure customers.

Leptiburn Cons

The product has met with certain cons which need to be directed:-

  • Although the ingredients have medical tests to their repertoire, a few of them have been tested on animals and a few which are not convincing
  • Caffeine content in the product could prove detrimental to health
  • The product is expensive with fairly less customer reviews

Where to Buy Leptiburn?

Customers can place online orders of Leptiburn on the official web site of BioTrust. There are different packages available which the customers can choose based on their weight loss target. The price of the product ranges from $69 to $294. Also, all of these come with a free eBook which guides the users on its usage.

Is Leptiburn a Scam?

It is a fact that the clinical tests and experiments conducted on the ingredients of Leptiburn are not sufficient to consider it as a safe product. Also, there have been no disclaimers or warnings in the product which helps customers to choose it wisely. However, with the level of detail and transparency that BioTrust has indulged in, it may not be a scam.

Leptiburn Side effects

Considering the ingredients used in the making of the supplement, there can be a lot of side effects possible. The use of stimulants especially leaf extracts and caffeine may cause detrimental effects to the digestive and nervous system of the human body. Also, this product is a strict no for pregnant ladies as it can have harmful implications.

Final Verdict

In spite of the high level of transparency in the ingredients and its concentration levels in the making of the product, customers must seek guidance of their physicians before taking a decision to opt for this product. The stimulants used in the making of the product could have harmful side effects on the human body, all of which needs to be kept in mind before making a buying decision.

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