Kama Rani Review: Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients, Does it Work?

Kama Rani Review: Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients, Does it Work?

Kama Rani ReviewsKama Rani

Kama Rani is a female libido enhancement supplement claimed to increase a woman’s arousal by boosting her arousal thus leaving her with increased sexual desire. According to the manufacturer and company behind it, this product works by rejuvenating the genitals, sensitizing the clitoris and addressing the general sexual response cycle of a woman. It is available in capsule form and is taken orally.

Company behind Natural Kama Rani

The company behind this female sexual arousal supplement is Consumer Health Digest. Different other companies such as India Herbs are also dealerws in this product as well as other similar products claimed to enhance the sexual wellbeing of women.

Kama Rani Claims

It is claimed by the manufacturer and the company behind that the product is:

  • A product of 5,000 years of Ayurvedic wisdom
  • Able to elevate the desire for sex within no time
  • Able to heighten sexual excitement
  • Help the user achieve full orgasms
  • Optimize women’s sexual health in totality
  • Made from natural ingredients with strong aphrodisiac properties

Kama Rani Ingredients

According to Consumer Health Digest, the following constitute major ingredients of Kama Rani:

  • Ashwaganda
  • Chinese Smilax
  • Asparagus
  • Bacopa
  • Spanish Pellitory
  • Shatavari
  • Tribulus
  • Nutmeg
  • Black gram and Bamboo

How does Kama Rani Work?

According to the claims of the company that deals with this product, it is a female arousal blend that works in four different ways. First, the product heightens female libido by increasing energy and desire for sex. Secondly, the product supports reproductive health both psychologically and physiologically. This means that it impacts upon the body and the mind simultaneously. The product also elevates estrogen activity and lastly, it enhances general bedroom experience for women.

Kama Rani Pros

The company claims that Kama Rani is advantageous in the following ways:

  • Improved sexual life of women
  • Safety due to natural products used

Kama Rani Cons

The following are limitations of Kama Rani:

  • The product reviews are very low
  • This means dissatisfaction on the side of customers
  • The product contains information which suggests that it is likely to be a scam
  • The product is sold online and has no physical stores which implies insecurity on the side of buyers
  • The product price is not indicated, implying that chances of exploitation are high when customers purchase the it.
  • There is no information about the product certification.

Kama Rani Results

The following are alleged results of Kama Rani in women:

  • Increased sexual arousal
  • Enhanced libidinal energy
  • Improved physiological and psychological functioning
  • Natural vaginal lubrication
  • Comprehensive female disorder treatment

Where to Buy Kama Rani?

The product is only available on the company website. Apart from online purchase, no other options of product purchase are provided for. You have to pay for the product by completing the purchase process on the company website.

Is Kama Rani a Scam?

The product is likely to be a scam. There is lack of genuineness and product `authenticity on the company website. All the information provided sounds more alluring than genuine. For instance, the company claims that Kama Rani is a product of 5,000 years of Ayurvedic wisdom which is not practical in real sense. Similarly, the fact that the product is only sold online suggests that its purchase is unsafe thus it is most likely to be a scam.

Kama Rani Side Effects

Although the company does not admit that the product is associated with any side effects, the ingredients used can result in the following side effects:

  • Allergic reactions to some people
  • Total lack of sexual arousal and other effects to the sexual life of the user in case of withdrawal from its usage.

Final Verdict

In summary, Kama Rani is a product with unclear information thus not trusted. Looking at the customer reviews on the product, it is most likely that customers are dissatisfied. It is therefore not effective as portrayed on the website. It is advisable to re-examine this product before purchasing it. It is equally important to find out all the information about the product from other sites before making a decision buy it. According to the current information available, the product is not beneficial to users.